A Perfectly Lovely Afternoon

It's just as well I decided to put yesterday's post up early because the internet went down sometime yesterday afternoon. 
 I tried to get on last night to catch up with a few blogs when I couldn't get on.  
This doesn't happen very often but when it does it's just a wee bit annoying.

Anyway it came back on at around lunchtime today. So here I am - trouble is I'm off to work in an hour.

Because yesterday was such a lovely day I didn't want to waste it by being indoors so I decided to walk round to my mum and dad's - about a 20 minute walk each way. 
So,  I got to enjoy the lovely weather, get some exercise (and a couple of pictures) and see my mum and dad a definite win win situation. :))

I only managed to get  a couple of pictures worth posting. 
I love these dandelion shots and couldn't make my mind which I preferred - so I posted them both :)

These next two have a strange colour cast to them - I tried to fix it but they still look a bit strange, in fact I've probably made them look worse.
But I liked the ploughed field and the grassy field in the distance and of course that lovely blue sky

I had a nice blether (chat) with my mum and dad catching up with what they have been up to had a very nice cup of coffee and no biscuit :))  
Then I enjoyed my walk back home.  
A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.  
Now I just have all the housework to do that I should have been doing  - oh well!!!

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Nancy said…
The dandelions look like small balloons! Just my take this morning. Lol.
Jill said…
Housework can always wait! Sunshine, your mom and day and photographs make for a perfect day in my book. I love your dandelion shots!
Love the dandelion macro shot ~ excellent! ~thanks, namaste, ^_^
Eileen said…
I like the second dandelion photo best - we always used to call them 'wet the beds' when we were little!
TexWisGirl said…
a walk and a visit sounds lots better than surfing blogs on the web, anyway. :)

i like your pics.
Debbie said…
you did all the right things, the housework will always be waiting for you!!

the dandelion shots are really beautiful!!
I like both the dandelion shots as well, so glad you posted both.
ZielonaMila said…
Fine views. I am greeting
Heidi said…
Your pics are beautiful. So nice to be able to enjoy the weather and take a nice walk. Hope the weather stays sunny for you all week long.
Dianna said…
I love your dandelion pics - both of them. And I love hearing about you walking to visit with your parents. Oh, how I wish mine were still here for me to visit with.... Savor those moments.
Karen said…
Maybe I am a bit weird. but I LOVE dandelions. Your shots are great!
Pat said…
Lovely shots!
Jeanne said…
Ellie your Dandy Lion shots are great. What a great walk you had and so lucky to be able to visit with your parents.
It is always nice to get out in the nice weather and one thing about housework it will always be there waiting for you.
geetlee said…
Oh Ellie, you're lucky to have your parents living so close by :)
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
What a lovely pictures of dandelion♡♡♡ If I can say I preffer the close-up, haha.
Yeah, I do remember these lovely time with my parents, only I could go back the time close to 20 decades(^^;)
I hope you are doing well for your challenge♪
Lots of hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
Betty Roan said…
I like dandelions and grow plenty in my yard. I would have been excommunicated from my neighborhood in Dallas, but here no one cares. lol Looks like a beautiful walk, and who wouldn't rather be walking than cleaning? Not me!
Betty Roan said…
That should be Me! Love to walk, hate to clean. lol
Donna Heber said…
Hi Lisa,

It sounds like you had a wonderful afternoon with your parents. Sometimes chores take a back seat. Loved your peaceful grassy pictures.
Paul said…
I'm in London now after my race. Nice to catch up with what you're up to!
Paul said…
I'm in London now after my race. Nice to catch up with what you're up to!
Ash said…
Gorgeous photos, especially the first one!
Kala said…
Love those shots of the dandelions, Ellie.
lisa. said…
Such wonderful framing in the 4th one here Ellie.
Just perfect!
Buttons said…
Housework can wait those dandelion seed pods will blow away with the wind unlike the housework. Great shots. B

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