Glenashdale Falls

 We went for a weeks holiday to Arran a few years ago (about 3 years ago in fact). My goodness it doesn't seem that long ago!!!

Anyway, I really fancied looking through the pictures again. I had in fact lost them from my computer and was very upset about it. Photographs are like treasured memories to keep forever. But I'm pleased to say I found them on a pen drive I found that I had forgotten about. Thank goodness. Now I have them safely saved away.

So here I am looking through them. We had a great time there and it is such a beautiful island. One of the amazing places we went to was Glenashdale Falls. 
It was a heck of a trek to get to it - all uphill (steep uphill!!!). We made it or should I say I made it 'cause everybody else was just fine or maybe they were just pretending the were mmmm.

 This is a picture of our Karen walking along the long trek.  I quite like this picture

My crazy family pretending to run up the hill. There is one person missing and that would be Laura, who was not on this holiday with us and was away doing her own thing. 
Danny, Emma and Karen in the picture.

And this was our reward. 
Doesn't it look wonderful?  
I love waterfalls and I love the sound as the water falls over and lands in the water below. 

I don't think I've put these pictures up before - but if I have I hope you like it. 
Now I'm away to look at some more of them.

Enjoy your Sunday :))


TexWisGirl said…
it is magical! the falls are beautiful, and the mossy trees are fantastic!
Debbie said…
What beautiful family photos. Have a wonderful Mothers Day!!!
Sandra said…
Lovely hiking memories, Ellie and beautiful waterfall in all that greenery.
Have a beautiful Mother's Day.
Warm greetings, Sandra
I love the photo of the falls and of your family. It is so much fun to do things as a family.
Paul said…
They are wonderful photos, Ellie! Love the waterfall photo!
ZielonaMila said…
Beautiful photographs, sensational trip. Very much I like walking and bicycle trips to wombs of the nature. I am greeting
Absolutely beautiful! What a great trip and the waterfalls is definitely worth the walk - I love that.
Betty Manousos said…

the waterfall looks heavenly and i love all of your shots!

hope your weekend is going well.

What a reward when you reached the summit - the ground must have been shaking!
Amazing waterfal. I could sit there for a long time.

Lea White said…
They are wonderful photos - what lovely memories. Glad you found your photos. We normally add copies of our digital photos to another harddrive just in case something goes wrong.
Can't say I've never been to Arran, I spent a few hours in Brodick one January some years ago and found it completely closed, so to all intents and purposes I;ve not seen it (a walk along the beach is pretty similar the world over)

That certainly is a cracking waterfall though and very pleasant woods, so hopefully I'll find my way inland sometime or other.
geetlee said…
The first shot is just amazing!
Rose said…
Oh, wow, those waterfalls are wonderful...really beautiful.

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