A Riot Of Colour

A while ago I did a post on our local library and the flowers which are around it. 
If you want to see it you can find it here
 I was surprised to find this post was way back in September of last year. 
It certainly doesn't seem that long since I did it. 
 Where does the time go - I seem to say that a lot these days!!!!

Anyway I went back to the library as there is a new selection of flowers out and it is looking rather nice. 

What do you think?
Lovely summary colours - they do spend a lot of time making this area really attractive. 


Sheila said…
Just beautiful , what a lovely display .:-)
Gorgeous, wish my garden was as colourful. We have had too much rain and not enough heat everything is far behind. Have a great weekend Diane
Jill said…
Lea White said…
Very pretty! Going into winter here :-(
Tracy Wood said…
I love all things 'orange' !! Beautiful!
Debbie said…
so pretty ellie, i love the color!!
Nancy said…
So pretty! They really show off the green grass and the walkway.
Sandra said…
What a beautiful and colourful flower display near your library, that lawn is so well-kept too, just look at those straight edges in the last photo!
Have a lovely weekend, Ellie!
Hi Ellie, wow what a wonderful display of colour. Your local council must be very keen to do that! I looked back at your other blog. So the Spring wasn't just a one off! I've just found you but would like to get to know you better so I'm joining your followers. Have a good weekend. Joan
ZielonaMila said…
Beautiful flowers, sensational colours. Flowers are able superbly to lighten the landscape. I am greeting
Anne said…
Hi Ellie! Love all the vibrant orange tones! Hope you are enjoying your weekend:) Nice and sunny here but freezing cold!
Filip & Kristel said…
Orange tulips, the colour of The Netherlands.

So pretty. I love the color of these flowers.
Rose said…
I sure wouldn't mind having all those flowers greet me when I go to the library.

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