Fab Friday

What a busy (but good) day I had on Friday.  

First off I had to go to work and I don't finish until 6pm.  Then I had to get ready to go out for a night out. 

One of my work colleagues retired last week and we were having a wee night to celebrate with her.  We were to meet at her house at 7pm.

Before work I had dropped Emma off in town so that she could join her friends at the beach - great life that girl has got. I told her if she was ready to go home at around 5.30pm to call into my work and I would give her a lift home.

Well, she duly turned up at 5.30 armed with a lovely bunch of flowers for me - isn't she the best :))  
A lovely bunch of gladioli and they were yellow - my favourite colour.

I took some close up shots - well your knew I would didn't you :)).

I made it to my night out in time and had a great time.  
We enjoyed a Chinese meal and had lots of laughs and a good time was had by all.

A great way to finish the day.

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Anonymous said…
Amazingly beautiful!
TexWisGirl said…
i never mind your bloom shots. and sweet girl of yours! :)
Debbie said…
emma, what a sweetie!!

the blooms are gorgeous ellie, have a wonderful weekend!!
Giga said…
No to miałaś przyjemny dzień o dostałaś śliczny bukiet kwiatów. Pozdrawiam.
So you had a pleasant day you got a lovely bouquet of flowers. Yours.
rainfield61 said…
You did have a Chinese meal,

but I have it everyday.

Greeting from Malaysia.
Sandra said…
What gorgeous gladioli, Ellie, and a thoughtful daughter to give them!
My favourite shot is that last one, the blending of the yellow and orange and the layers with the light behind the blooms is just lovely!
Lea White said…
Sounds like a lovely day you had! What pretty flowers - it looks like they really brightened your day.
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Wow, how sweet of your wondeful daughter♡♡♡ The gladioli look awesome and really happy for your lovely time, my friend. I love Chinese food (*^▽^*)

Love you always, xoxo Miyako*
Fiona said…
Ah she is so thoughtful Ellie.

Lovely flowers and lovely colour.

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine.

x Fiona
Betty Manousos said…
it does sound like a beautiful day you had.
our daughter is such a sweetie!
and these are some awesome flower shots!
what a feast for the eyes!
thanks for sharing.
Kerri said…
How fun! And Love your flowers!
Pat said…
Beautiful floral macros!
Nancy said…
What a sweet daughter! Beautiful color, Ellie!

Thank you for sharing at Your Sunday Best this week. xoxo
Lou Belcher said…
I love those macros... Beautiful.

Eileen said…
Wonderful photos and a wonderful daughter ... how thoughtful of her.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend

Eileen x
I just love those photos....stunning!! Joan
Rita said…
How wonderful. What a surprise, and so beautiful.

I actually got a surprise delivery of flowers this week also. Must be something in the weather??
Anonymous said…
Oh so so so pretty! =)

Happy Retirement to your friend, too
Betty Roan said…
Sweet daughter, beautiful flowers.
lisa. said…
What a sweet surprise, and a truly thoughtful young woman. Such a beautiful color!
Rose said…
What a sweet daughter you have!

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