Dream Catcher

This is the dreamcatcher that Karen bought at the market the other day.  As soon as she saw it she just had to have it.
She let me do my thing and take pictures of it.

 I really liked the feathers on it. 
You get so many textures and colours in them.

I don't know much about dreamcatchers so I decided to google it to see what I could find out.

One of the nicest things I found out was that they were made in ancient time by the Ojibwa people. 
The grandparents made them out of twigs, sinews and feathers for newborn children and hung over their cradles so that they could have peaceful and beautiful dreams.  Bad dreams cannot find their way through the web and are trapped there until the sun comes up and evaporates them like morning dew. 
Isn't that just a lovely description.

There is no wonder they are so popular.
I might just have to buy one for myself - mind you I don't know how happy Danny would be with it hanging in the room!!!

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TexWisGirl said…
they have similar lore as the bottle trees do - catching evil spirits at your doorway so the morning sun can destroy them. :)

the 'cage' is different on this one than i've ever seen.
I have seen these for sale but have not yet succumbed to buying one as my husband always says why do you want one of those and where will you put it! Keep up the good work with your dieting programme, you deserve the flowers.
It's gorgeous - interesting history - love that the bad dreams can't get through the feathers :)
Mary x
Janet said…
THAT is a beautiful Dreamcatcher! (from one whose mister is Ojibwa!) Very elaborate!
I love your photos of the feathers..very magical!

i love dream catchers...and have made some myself. for some reason though...they don't always catch the bad dreams...i guess not everything works 100 percent of the time!
Sandra said…
I love the story behind Dream Catchers. Those feathers look very tickly if they should fall on your nose when you sleep! Nice feather shots! Atchoo.....!
Karen said…
Great pics! I have one hanging over my bed, it works.
Jill said…
My kids always had one growing up. This is a beautiful one. I've never seen one with a cage before!
Special. In Belgium, there is a rollercoaster with a indian theme which is called dreamcatcher.

lisa. said…
I never knew this about dream catchers Ellie, and how wonderful that is. This is surely a lovely one!
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Oh, we don't have it here in Japan.
"Dream catcher" Lovely lore, isn't it♡♡♡
Thank you for sharing this!!!
Love you always, xoxo Miyako*
Debbie said…
sooo pretty ellie, i had no idea!!
Susan said…
Wow...how neat and very interesting.
My daughter had a dream catcher years ago. I think they are really cool.
ZielonaMila said…
Beautiful photographs, magic object. I am greeting
Jeanne said…
What lovely shots of this dream catcher. Lots of those in Texas and Oklahoma where my cabin is. So lovely. Also, when I was getting my masters degree, worked for a month on an Indian reservation... The Ojibwe indians. Was a fascinatig experience. Love this Ellie!
Jane said…
Dream catchers are so cool. I see people with them on their rear view mirror in car. Maybe for them to have a safe journey on the road. I wouldn't want it in my car or above my bed, but it would be good to have a small one tucked away somewhere. Where did your Karen hang hers?
Betty Roan said…
I have a Hopi Indian dreamcatcher hanging on the headboard. I have only had 3 or maybe 4 bad dreams in the 10 plus years it has been there, so maybe it works. This one is different than any I've seen. Very nice photographic study.
Bev said…
Very interesting... I have seen lots of them around here...
Bev said…
Very interesting... I have seen lots of them around here...
Rose said…
I love that next to the last photo of the feathers...very nice.
Rita said…
Lovely photos and a great story. I have a small dreamcatcher that hangs over my desk that I received as a gift. Perhaps I need to move it to the bedroom.

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