Sassy Water

Emma found a recipe for 'sassy water'  on google. It is from the Daily Mail web page and is supposed to ease bloating in the stomach area (where else would you get bloating I ask myself).
We thought we would try making some.

The ingredients you need are:

1 teaspoon of grated ginger
Medium lemon thinly sliced
Medium cucumber thinly sliced
A few mint leaves - we didn't have any mint leaves so we used some dried mint instead (I hope that wasn't a mistake)

Here is a random question: When you look at pictures of lemon does it make your jaws pull in - it does me :))

Here is a picture from the top of the pitcher.  The wee black dots are not flies but dried mint leaves.
 I did think twice before putting this picture up!!

Anyway, you leave that all in the fridge overnight, drain it the next morning and then drink and hopefully enjoy, lol.
I'll let you know how it tastes. 

PS. Well it is now the next day. We tried the water - I have to say it isn't too bad - the main flavour being lemon - but to be honest I would rather drink plain water.


That 's so funny! I think looking at lemons does have that effect, except I'd never realized that before! Good luck with the sassy water!
Mary x
TexWisGirl said…
i like water, so don't mind drinking it plain. don't need flavor. :)
Jill said…
I love water. It's all I drink. I would like the lemon but that would be about it for me. :)
Fiona said…
I only like sparkling water
and don't drink enough of the stuff.

I laughed when you told us they were not flies on the lemons - as if!!!!

Karen said…
I like lemon ginger ice tea so I bet this tatses yummy!
Pat MacKenzie said…
Ginger and mint, separately or together, have long been remedies for stomach upsets so I'm not surprised if your sassy water works. I suspect the lemon is just there for added flavor.
I've never heard of sassy water before - I could do with it.
Sandra said…
I love the sound of ginger in this recipe! If you cut ginger root into small pieces and bring it to the boil in a pan of water and sip it hot like you would any tea, it's a wonderful digestive drink too!
Paul said…
Love the photos but might leave the recipe!
Oooh - I will have to try this. Think that the ginger and lemon help reduce inflammation...and the lemon is very neutralizing for your body so that is a good thing! I bet this is very refreshing. Tella Emma thanks!
Debbie said…
lemon and water is always a good combination. i LOVE a little sugar in it as well ;))))
I like my water plain too.
Bev said…
Sounds interesting...but I'll skip it and have my water...hubby always has lemon in his...but I like mine plain...:)
Lea White said…
Not so much looking at photos of lemons, but my brother and I once did have a lemon eating competition to see who could eat a lemon without pulling your face. I lost.
ZielonaMila said…
I like my water plain too. I am greeting
Lisa said…
I've seen a lot of these on Pinterest...I've been meaning to try one of them! I have some fresh mint growing in my herb garden, so I'll try it with the fresh and see how it is - I'll let you know!
Amy Burzese said…
Looks pretty good, but plain water is good to me also.
Betty Manousos said…
yes, it does!

lemon and water is always good, especially in summertime.

pretty photos!

hope you have a great remainder of the week.

Icy BC said…
Sounds like a great recipe! I will give it a try since I know ginger really helps with uneasy stomach.
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Oh,sounds a good recipe; but honestly I may not be able to drink it p;)

I smiled when you reminded us about the black dots as "dried mint leaves"♪

Everything is worth a try, isn't it(*^_^*) 

Lots of hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako
rainfield61 said…
Lemon is good, especially in the morning.

It rinses my body, and soul.

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