Beautiful Bloom

I'm up bright and early this morning. 
It's a beautiful day. 
 According to weather reports the weather is going to start improving this week - all I can say to that is YIPEEEEE it's about time.
 I just love bright sunny warm days - who doesn't!!!

The trouble with living in this part of Scotland is that you can never plan anything because you just don't know what the weather is going to do. 
But today I'm going to spend some time outside enjoying the sun.
So all this to say I'm putting my post in early.

I found a new blog to share pictures with and thought I would add this to it today.

I saved this picture from my walk yesterday because I thought the flower was sooooo pretty and I just love the yellow and orange.

The blog belongs to
and is called 

Now I'm off to read some blogs and then I'm out of here to go and enjoy our lovely day.
Hope your day is just as good.


Fiona said…
Beautiful photo Ellie.

Enjoy your sunshine,
we have dull and damp - again!!

Happy Sunday.

Fiona x
That is a great pic, love the colors:@)
Tracy Wood said…
Have a great day!
Dianna said…
Beautiful photo! I'm glad your weather is improving. There's a storm off the coast (and hurricane season hasn't even started yet), so we're hoping it stays well offshore!
Jeanne said…
Is that the flower from the gorse tree. ???? Well totally enjoy your sunshine. and don't forget to bring back some great photos. Have a wonderful day
Eileen said…
That's such a beautiful photograph, Ellie. Well done.

Hope you enjoy the sunshine and have a lovely day.
enjoy your sunshine Ellie! Very pretty flower, love the different colors - it would look pretty in my backyard garden:-)
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Oh, I'm happy for you with the sunny, bright feeling day♡♡♡
Never seen that Marvelous Flower♪

Love you always, xoxo Miyako*
Cheryl said…
The skies have cleared here too! Isn't it grand when the sun pops out after days of clouds, rain, drizzle, and fog?

Gorgeous flower. What is it?
Jill said…
What a beautiful burst of sunshine! Great shot. Enjoy your day! :)
Debbie said…
WoW, really gorgeous!!
TexWisGirl said…
you will love nancy's blog - and nancy. :)

this is really perfect. :)
Dimple said…
Beautiful shot, I love the colors,too!
Thanks for coming by!
Karen said…
Oh, it's so pretty!
ZielonaMila said…
Beautiful photographs, fantastic colours. I am greeting
Ellie that flower is gorgeous.
Thanks so much for you kind thoughts and condolences, much appreciated. Diane
Nancy said…
OMG -- what an unusual flower, Ellie.

Thanks so much for sharing your special capture at YSB this week! xoxo
Mira Crisp said…
Ellie, that is a pretty photo of a beautiful flower!!! I am giving away a photo-editing software this week, you may want to check it out! :)
I love the colors of the flower, so pretty. I hope you enjoyed your day.
Sandra said…
What a striking flower and the bright colours are like the "Yipeeeee" that you shout at the thought of sunny warm days coming your way! I hope the weather forecast is right! We are starting off our week with rain - we'll see what happens later!
Have a great week!
Rita said…
I love the colors as well. Wonderful photo. Glad you shared it with us today.
geetlee said…
i love that beautiful yellow! isn't it great when you stumble upon beautiful flowers? it totally makes my day :)

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