Sparkling Sea

I couldn't wait to finish work today (finished at 2pm) as it is a gorgeous day. 
I couldn't wait to be outside enjoying this lovely weather - even if it is just for today. The weather is due to be not so nice tomorrow.

Isn't it funny how when the weather is nice everybody just seems that much more friendly and happy. 

I went down towards the beach beside our harbour. It was just so lovely and the water was sparkling with the sun.

There is an anchor - I'm not sure who put it there or why but it looks quite good.

And there is a place to sit and have a picnic. 
The hills in the distance are Ayr and Heads of Ayr. 

I really like the misty look to them.

There were lots of people sitting in their cars - but who wants to sit in their car when the weather is so lovely.

 NOT ME!!!

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Betty Manousos said…
i love your shots! that first one is a real gem!

thanks so much for sharing:)
TexWisGirl said…
glad you had some time out in the sunshine!
Jill said…
Yeah for sun! Glad you were able to get out and enjoy it. Lovely shots!
I could just soak that up all day long. Beautiful!
What a beautiful spot and I agree who wants to sit in the car on a beautiful day. Diane
Karen said…
I could sit there for hours...and not in my car!
Debbie said…
hubs and i would be having a picnic, in that gorgeous spot with the beautiful view!!
Jane said…
Glad to know you wouldn't sit in your car for a lovely day and a view…
My kind of gal.
And funny how weather here is raining, and sunny at your home. Sunshine sure does help.
Great photos, huge rusty anchor.
Bev said…
Oh how lovely to be at the oceanside...hmmm I can almost smell the air!!
Rose said…
I love how you captured the sparkle of the water...and I love that looking through shot.
lisa. said…
Everyone (including me!) is definitely in a better mood when the weather is good. Spring here has not been that great so far, but it sounds like it may be getting better tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

I love this anchor! Isn't it amazing just how huge they are?

Have a wonderful weekend Ellie, and thank you once again.
Jeanne said…
These are lovely shots ellie and how wonderful to be close to the sea!!
I would love to go to the beach, it so pretty. I love your photos.
Sandra said…
I love your sparkling sea shot, Ellie! I'm so excited because in June I'm going to have a holiday by the sea in Cornwall! I miss the sea here! We have lakes and mountains, but no sea.
Betty Manousos said…
just stopping by to say hi and thanks for the follow.
following your lovely blog right back!

have a great weekend!
Sherri B. said…
What beautiful photos...that last one with the picnic benches is stunning with the water in the distance! How lucky you are to live near the water...I hope to do that one day. Thanks so much for your kind words about my photo/poem at my blog - have a lovely day!
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Beautiful shots of sparkling sea♡♡♡
I am happy for you to be able to enjoy yoyr sunny day!
Hope you will have a marvelous weekend as well.
Love you always, xoxo Miyako*
Nancy said…
I'm with you Ellie -- to be outside on a sunny day enjoying your surroundings is priceless. Great photos!
deb duty said…
What a beautiful place! I enjoyed your visit down to the harbor!
I might spend a great chunk of my life looking at the sea when I'm at work but it doesn't seem to be something I tire of. I sat for a good while looking out on the Clyde the other day - it's got a curious draw the sea.

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