An Update and some Flowers

We are having such a great spell in our weather at the moment. 
My only complaint is - I have to go to work - it would be so much nicer to be off and sitting in the garden. 
 But, I suppose I can't have it all.

Everybody seems so much more cheerier and smiley as well, which is lovely.  

Well, that's my Emma finished all of her exams - just waiting for results to come in - they should be the beginning of August. She is also finished at school so she has a lovely long summer ahead of her - she does have a wee job but she does get quite a few days off.
She also has her prom coming up on the 18 June.

Karen has just found out today that she has a conditional offer to go to university for a digital art course. She just have to pass the course she is doing at the moment and she will be in.  
Phew I will have 2 of my children at university this year!!

And Laura, my oldest, is off  on holiday on Saturday. She is going to Vegas - lucky thing.  She is very excited about it all - can't say that I blame her for that!! The only trouble is Danny has to get them to the airport really early. They have to leave here at around 5am. 

Now that I am up-to-date with my children I thought I'd pop into the garden to see what I could photograph.  I found these lovely tiny wildflowers - I've no idea what they are but they are lovely. 

And these are the flowers from Karen's strawberry plants - these are very pretty too, don't you think?

I'm sharing these today with



Sounds like you and the girls are busy. I hope Laura wins some money in Vegas!

Pretty little wildflowers. I love the little strawberry blossoms - ours are about done:-(. Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
Lovely update, Ellie. Sounds like your girls are pretty busy this summer.

Love the purple flowers and Karen's strawberry blossoms are gorgeous!
TexWisGirl said…
prom after school is out? how interesting!

and vegas is an experience everyone should have at least once. :)
Sheila said…
Your girls are doing well and a Vegas trip sounds like fun . Love the photos , flowers are gorgeous.
Eileen said…
You must be a very proud mum! I've got my fingers crossed, hoping Karen and Emma get the results they need.

Lovely photos, as usual.
Amy Burzese said…
Beautiful flower shots! Thanks for visiting me!
Debbie said…
such pretty images ellie and busy, busy girls!!
Susan said…
These are so pretty!!!
lisa. said…
It sounds like everyone is in a really good place Ellie. I know how good that feels! Your flower photographs are beautiful. I especially love that little pink one.
Jeanne said…
Ellie your flowers are gorgeous and so glad things are moving forward with the college. Can't believe you will have 2 in college at once. Not sure how it is in Scotland, but here, I heard the other day that it is about $50,000.00 for a year of college in a private college. yikes! My bank would disown me. Thank goodness my kids are done with college. My youngest daughter went for so many years I finally told her she was on her own. Enjoy that wonderful weather.... weekend coming soon!!
Sounds like a lovely summer ahead, with a few family changes coming up too. The wildflowers are very pretty and I always enjoy looking at strawberry flowers and anticipating the fruit yet to come.
Sounds like you have busy daughters. I wish you could go to Vegas too. Look the flowers.
Sandra said…
Good morning Ellie! England's sunny and warm weather has finally blown our way too. Yesterday, it was almost too hot with a warm wind blowing!
Strawberry plant flowers are very sweet and I love that the middle part is actually going to be a strawberry!
Those other little pink flowers are Stork's Bill, they grow along the waysides and are very charming.
You will soon be into the holiday atmosphere and your girls are moving on in their lives.
I went to Las Vegas once. It's an experience, of course, but not my cup of tea. My teenage kids loved it!
Paul said…
They are beautiful flowers, Ellie. You and Danny are going to have all this time on your hands with no children. A new chapter in your life. Thanks for your comments! John and I had a great time playing music and quite a few laughs.
Barb said…
Beautiful flowers and great macros!
Nancy said…
So happy for your girls... and for you.

I think that first flower might be a wild geranium. Very pretty.
Fiona said…
Wishing your daughters the very best of luck.

Glad you enjoying the sunshine
it is lovely here too.

Have a great weekend


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