Blueberry Bells

Our great weather continues - temperatures reaching 84.2 degrees fahrenheit!
 Believe me when I say that is hot for here. I know some of you guys get a lot hotter than that - I don't know how you cope with that kind of heat!!  
But I am LOVING our 84.2 :))

This is our blueberry plant - it is starting to flower. 
Which means we will get some lovely blueberries this summer. 
We have strawberry and blueberry plants, and now an apple tree.
 I really wish we had a big enough garden to grow more but this will do me for now :))

I was lying flat on the ground to take this picture - I sure hope none of my neighbours could see me they would have been wondering what on earth I was doing!!!

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Shoshana said…
It was worth it..the picture came out pretty.
Lovel flower and worth the lying down! I love growing my own fruit and matter how few! Thy just taste so much better and I have such a feeling of achievement! Have a lovely day. Joan
It certainly is hot a wee bit down the coast as well. I'm only a day or so back from the sea where it was quite cool and before I went away it was still winter - I'm rather surprised. That's British weather for you :)
I had no idea that the flower of a blueberry looked like that. Great shot.

It is still not hot enough for me here though at only 26C. When it hits 30C then I am happy :) Diane
Betty Roan said…
Pretty blossoms. Love blueberries and strawberries. Sadly, our strawberry season has ended, but I'm looking forward to peaches and then apples. I'm always out front taking pictures of the roses, butterfly bushes, hummingbirds, and butterflies. I'm sure the cars driving by think I'm crazy. Just to let you know you're not alone. lol
Oooh, I would love to have my own Blueberry bush! What great temps - enjoy!
Blond Duck said…
Have a wonderful Monday! I love blueberries!
Sandra said…
Great blueberry flower shot! Enjoy your heat!!! It's less hot here, but perfect for me!
Bev said…
Well laying on the ground did give you a wonderful picture...yum love those berries! We have 3 blueberry
bushes...have only had about 3 berries...hopefully we will get more this year...but out bushes are just sprouted leaves....
Betty Manousos said…
wow, this is such a pretty shot!

i love blueberry flowers!

have a great day!

Pieni Lintu said…
Oh, so lovely shot!
Nancy said…
I just love the blooms of the blueberry -- remind me of lily-of-the-valley. :)
Karen said…
What pretty little flowers! I love blueberries! It's 102F here, and I am not coping well. I hate heat and humidity.
I think the same thing about my neighbours when they see me lying on the ground to take pics. Watch out for the birds they love blueberries probably more than you do!
Laura said…
so beautiful...we have tons in our woods too, yum!
Jill said…
Beautiful blossoms with such wonderful fruit to come!
Debbie said…
beautiful blooms!!

90 here and it's still may, too hot for me. i had to float in the pool and stay in the air!!
I am happy to hear that you are having nice weather. I would love to have blueberry plants. Lovely photos.
Lea White said…
What a pretty picture! Lucky you having nice warm weather right now, is pretty cold here at the moment.
geetlee said…
Wow, Ellie this photo took my breath away! Lucky you with the gorgeous weather. It's been gloomy here all day :-/
Paul said…
I had la lovely 84.2 day for my visit to see John last week. Enjoy while you can as it certainly won't last forever!
lisa. said…
I would say definitely worth it Ellie!!
This is beautiful.
Our blueberries have just started blooming, and I think they have the most wonderful little flowers.
Hot here (for this time of year too) with a record temp of 91 yesterday. Let's hope it's here to stay for awhile!
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Oh what a lovely flower they are♡♡♡ I had no idea that the flower of a blueberry looked like that, either!!!
It just starting to a bit hot lately here. I am weak for the muggy heat in Japan(^^;)

Love you always, xoxo Miyako*
Great angle, worth while doing Ellie.
Rose said…
For a few days we had temps in the 90's! 96º F one day...but even the others were miserable outside. 84 sounds wonderful compared to that.

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