River Ayr Walk part 3

Way back in October and November of last year Karen and I began our River Ayr walk - you can read about it  here and here if you want.
 I can hardly believe it was as long ago as that.

Well today we did part 3 of the walk - the river covers some 40 odd miles so it may take us a while to finish it lol.

I took lots and lots of pictures - that's something for you to look forward to :))

Anyway, colour is definately coming through - tiny buds and blossoms are appearing on trees and bushes. 

I'm afraid I never know what the plants and flowers are called so if anybody knows the name of these please feel free to let me know. The pink blossom is very pretty and there was a lot of it around.

I found this strange looking bud in amongst the weeds. It is a bit unusual - it's amazing what you find out there and I wonder what the flower will look like when it eventually comes out.

We are thinking of going back next weekend to see what else we can see. 

It is a very pleasant place to take a walk.

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Jill said…
I adore that pink bloom and as so interested in finding out what the second one is. It's sure got great texture and looks dramatic! Enjoy your walk whenever you get back to it.
Jill said…
I adore that pink bloom and as so interested in finding out what the second one is. It's sure got great texture and looks dramatic! Enjoy your walk whenever you get back to it.
Lea said…
Walking is such great exercise and a wonderful opportunity for photos! I have trouble identifying what I see, too. Interesting blooms, both of them.
Happy Macro Monday!
Lea's Menagerie
Tanya said…
beautiful! and that one is quite interesting looking!
I do like it at this time of year when every time you're out and about you seem to find something else budding or flowering :)
hannah said…
Looks suspiciously like a Dandelion to me :-)
When You have finsished the Ayr, you can start on the Thames. That will take you a good few years. We are only halfway through, but we do both sides when possible.
Your flowering Currant is early.
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
I sure am envious with your rich nature that makes you wish or gives you motive to walk♡♡♡ Love to stroll with you if I could.
Oh, lovely pictures of flowers aagain today!!! I wonder what they are♬♬♬
Love you always, xoxo Miyako*
Zinnia said…
Thank pink blossom is gorgeous. I love the details. We really need pastel colours now, don't we?! The other dark compact bud is very impressive - I wonder what it reserves for you? You must let us know, I love interesting and mysterious things like that!
Mats said…
Nice captures, it's almost always nice to go for walks. :)
TexWisGirl said…
i like that 2nd one!
Karen said…
So pretty Ellie. Great dof in both too!
Pat said…
That is an interesting-looking bud!
Evelyn S. said…
Definitely an unusual bud! Beautiful floral images....I am so anxious for warm weather to come here, but it snowed this morning after two warm days. ;-)
Rosie said…
Isn't it great when everything starts to bloom again? We have the first snow drops and crocuses here and I do hope for warmer weather now!
Lea White said…
The pink one is so pretty. If you ever find out what the other flower looks like you have to share!
Lisa said…
I always love your photos so much! The pink one reminds me a bit of fuchsia...the other one is very interesting!
Beautiful flower.

Regards and best wishes
Anonymous said…
Love the pink blooms, Ellie!

Good for you and Karen walking! Time spent together talking and getting healthier at the same time! :)
Lisa Gordon said…
And what wonderful color it is Ellie!
I just love the first photograph here. It's a beautiful flower and your photography has truly tuned it into a work of art.

Thank you so very much for being a part of The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful evening, and I will surely still see you in "Blogland!"

deb duty said…
The first photo is my favorite. So lovely and pink!
CameraCruise said…
Beautiful shots, love the first.
I love the spring time and all the colors it has to offer. We aren't to that point where I live and can't wait for that to happen here.
Jeanne said…
Sounds like a great walk you are having there. Love this second bud and would be so interested to see what it "turns out to be". Lovely!
Rose said…
You HAVE to go back just to see what that one bud is! Both photos are beautiful.
Kala said…
Lovely detail and bokeh in these photos.

Happy MM
Paul said…
Always love seeing your pictures as they come out so well!
Both pictures are great. Love the pink flowers..I have no idea what either of them are though:-)

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