Sunset Times Two

It's 8.45pm and I have just come in after a very pleasant walk with Karen. We both have lovely rosy cheeks (well me more than Karen)!!
 It was a beautiful night and the sunset was gorgeous. 

We did the same walk yesterday evening as well but it was quite chilly with a really biting wind blowing, but the sunset was lovely last night as well.

I took pictures on both walks and thought I would show you two completely different sunsets.  It is amazing how different they are.

What do you think?

The first three pictures are from last night.

Karen and I were both saying it looked as if the sky had been painted.

These next few pictures were from tonight.

 All the pictures were taken at around the same time of night and at the same spot on the beach each night.

Sometimes I really love living in this part of the world!!!!


TexWisGirl said…
they're all gorgeous. :) love the pinks but the peach is beautiful, too.
Betty Roan said…
Now this is a hard choice. Painted sky is a perfect description. I like them all.
Eileen said…
Beautiful photos, Ellie.
Wow stunning photos and amazing the difference between the two nights. Diane
Debbie said…
Gorgeous Ellie, what else can be said!! How does one stay inside when that is happening outside!! It's only 6 pm here. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!
Karen said…
Oh, yes you are lucky to live near the sea. Both nights have their own beauty! Lovely shots Ellie!
Beautiful! Oh how I would love to take a walk at night and see that:-)
The sky is beautiful in both sets of photos. I love the colors of the sky when the sun is going down.
Lea White said…
I really like the second lot of photos! Stunning!
Sweet Tea said…
Glad you were shared the photos with us.
Pat MacKenzie said…
I like the first set of pictures - so romantic looking. Is that the Atlantic? I miss looking at it from the other side (east coast of Canada). Husband and I were looking on line at where we would stay (time share) when we go to Scotland. Inverness is the home of his ancestors.
Sandra said…
Those are really beautiful sunsets, Ellie. My favourites are the third pink one because of those marvellous pink lights on the sand, the contrast of the cold looking grey and slightly choppy looking sea.
My next favourite (can I have two?!) is the 6th shot and last, of the different layers you have captured, the beach and pebbles in front, then a layer of sunlit beach with rocks, the grey sea and that distant boat with light is just perfect! I also love the lighthouse on the extreme right and the soft sky and horizon!
You do indeed live in a beautiful area!
Have a lovely Sunday!
Beautiful! I prefer the 2nd set as I probably see pink skies more often than golden ones. You are so fortunate to have the beach within walking distance.
Paul said…
The colours are beautiful from both nights. Really love the pink of the first photos.
Liesl said…
Incredibly beautiful!
CameraCruise said…
Wow, gorgeous photos, love all of them.
Have a wonderful Sunday.
ZielonaMila said…
Fine views and beautiful colours, are doing the remarkable impression. I am greeting
Rose said…
Oh, Ellie I am always amazed at the wondrous they are. I prefer the second set...but both are beautiful.

The sky can be so beautiful we will say if we saw it in a painting we would not believe it was real.
Sunset on the beach takes my breath every time!
Amazing that both sets of pictures were taken of the same beach at the same time.

Both are lovely, but sooo different. THANKS, Ellie, for sharing them with us. You are a wonderful photographer.
Happy Easter week - Marsha
Lea said…
Beautiful, both days!
Go walking again tonight - you might get three in a row!
Have a wonderful day!
Lea's Menagerie
I never ever cease to be amazed by the beauty of mother Nature and her sunsets. Beautiful Ellie, how lovely it to see such sunsets on your walks.
Sheila said…
Wow , I love all of these beach shots , wonderful sunsets !!
Sunsets and digital cameras were made for each other. I just cannot resist them. If I could tether the sunset to the horizon, I would live in the gloom just for the view.

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