Beach Shots and Wet Knees

On a recent visit to the beach I was looking for something different to take pictures of.  
There was this little shale pool with lots of little shells in it.

 And then I got down onto my knees when I saw this razor shell pointing into town. I quite liked the perspective of it.

Trouble was, when I stood up the knees in my jeans were VERY wet and sandy. 
Not a good look! Especially when you have got a fair wee bit to walk back to the car.  
I did get a few strange looks from a few people but I just smiled back at them -I'm sure they must have thought I was a bit mad :)  

Oh dear - the things we do to get out pictures.

Have a great weekend everyone.


lisa said…
Whatever it takes!
Fantastic perspective here Ellie!
Annabella said…
Needs must Ellie - good to see you are getting down and dirty for your photos!
TexWisGirl said…
almost looks like you're staring down the barrel of a gun. :)
Jill said…
Great job. Love these!
Fun pics! You are so lucky to be so close to the beach:-)
I love the pool of water with the shells in it. I love the beach.
Kala said…
Great perspective. It was worth getting wet and sandy!
Lea White said…
Ha-ha, you should just pretend it is the latest fashion and really "why aren't they following it?"
Dianna said…
That is true! Some of the positions we put ourselves in for just the perfect shot!
Love your pictures, by the way!
Paul said…
Taking photos is an art and sometimes requires being creative. They came out well even if the knees suffered.
Rose said…
At least it was worth the effort....
Roan said…
I don't get down on my knees as much as I used to, well, unless Hubby is there to give me a hand up. lol You managed to find some really great shots down there. ;)

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