My Little Kalanchoe

Karen bought for me this little pot plant.  It is really pretty with beautiful little flowers.

Now I'm going to surprise everyone with my  little bit of knowledge I gathered about this

It is called Kalanchoe - the only reason I know this is because the label said that is what it is called :))  I googled it to see what I could come up with. Once you start to look for information it is amazing what comes up.

It is a succulent plant native to Madagascar.  According to Wikipedia it also has an ingredient in it which can cause cardiac poisoning particularly in grazing animals, this is a problem common in South Africa and Australia.

In traditional medicine it can be used to treat infections, rheumatism and inflammation.

Now on to my favourite part - taking pictures :))

Isn't it a pretty flower - so many petals to the flowers and they are quite tiny.

So I have to thank Karen very much for such an interesting and beautiful present. Isn't she a kind daughter?

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i love your flower photos!
i love how fragile they look.
great vivid colours, too!

nicely done:)
Heather said…
These are pretty, the colors are great!
Sandra said…
A kind daughter indeed! I love all the different points of view and really like the last two pictures.
You are a busy bee with your camera!
I'm spacing out my blog entries a little to allow myself to breathe in-between!
Have a gorgeous day!
deb duty said…
Oh my goodness, your images are so pretty! And I loved learning all about the flower too!
Jill said…
Beautiful imagies! I adore pink. It's a lovely flower and how sweet of Karen.
Sheila said…
Just beautiful Ellie , especially love the last photo , really shows the color . Yes Karen is a very kind daughter .
TexWisGirl said…
it's a beauty. hope you can keep it growing for years to come!
Kalanchoes last for ages too and your macros are lovely Ellie.

I'll tell you even more - as it's a double rose form its called a Calendiva Kalanchoe and I get lots of requests for them especially the red ones 'flaming katy' from parents taking their kids to swimming lessons and podiatrists. They are also called the verucca plant as the leaves are used to kill veruccas....though you have to peel off the outer shell of the leaf to expose the wet fleshy bit.
Aren't those just so happy!!!
Melanie said…
SO pretty & pink!!
Rose said…
Oh, what pretty flowers! And they are Lorelei's favorite color.
CameraCruise said…
Beautiful photos of the pink beauty!
Have a wonderful weekend.
geetlee said…
So beautiful! Karen is a very considerate daughter :)
I love the second shot, the depth of field is awesome!
Debbie said…
it's gorgeous ellie, a pretty shade of pink!!
The flowers are beautiful. You are so lucky to have a nice daughter that brings you flowers.
Flora said…
You are such a lucky get so many flowers...and good for you for finding out what they are!
IceBox said…
Beautiful pictures.
Giga said…
Ma śliczne kwiatki i śliczne zdjęcia,. Pozdrawiam.*** It has beautiful flowers and beautiful pictures. Yours.
What a pretty flower, not one I am familiar with so this was an interesting post Ellie.

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