There were so many trees along our walk on Sunday - some quite unusual ones too. 
I'm going to be showing off now as I know what some of them are called. I bet your impressed.
Okay you found me out - the only reason I know what they are called is because they had some signs up to tell me. 

Weeping Ash

Pekin Willow

Purple Plum - 
this tree had some lovely blossom on it.

I've absolutely no idea what this is - I just thought
 it looked amazing.

And these had the softest branches - they looked kind of fluffy (I don't know what these are called either - no sign up to tell me!)

Some more blossom I found along the way.

I have many more pictures of trees but I don't want to bore you all with them.  
That is one of the things I've noticed since I started to take pictures I find trees fascinating  - there are so many different varieties out there.
 How come I didn't notice this before - strange isn't it!!! 


Giga said…
Drzewa mają piękne kształty i niektóre kwitną . Jeśli zna się ich nazwę, to wyglądu to nie zmieni. Pozdrawiam. *** The trees have beautiful shapes and some of the bloom. If someone knows their name, the appearance will not change. Yours.
TexWisGirl said…
wouldn't bore me a bit. love to see the varieties - especially from across the pond!
Zinnia said…
Lovely to see some blossoms at last! It's still not quite happening here, but the buds are swelling .... so I'm being patient!
The Blonde Duck said…
Popped in to say hi. Those are awesome!
geetlee said…
I agree, trees are fascinating. They add so much to a photograph :)
I love the pictures of the lovely blossoms you have here. Signs of spring :)
Filip Demuinck said…
From the almost dead trees to the blossoming ones.

CameraCruise said…
Great series of beautiful trees!
I've noticed the same as you.
I'd love to see more of your trees.
Jill said…
I say...the more trees the better! I love seeing the unique trees you have over there. You've got some real beauties here!
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Oh, Amazing, Lovely trees, aren't they♡♡♡
Now, plum trees are beautiful here.
You always sure capture their beauty really nicely, my friend♪♪♪

Love you always, xoxo Miyako*
I love the plum trees, but that tree without any markers that sprawls along the ground is really cool!
I love your photos of the trees, I don't find them boring at all.
Lea White said…
I love trees. For me the most special tree is an evergreen magnolia which is the one we planted when my daughter finished her treatment for cancer.
Paul said…
Amazing trees, Ellie! I must admit I have become more observant about photo opportunities since discovering my camera through blogging!
Sush said…
Ellie...thank you so much for your thoughtful and kind words on my post about Holden. I miss her every day but our sweet fur ball had given all she could. Your words go a long way in helping our hearts to heal.
Tezzie said…
I love trees, too...great captures! The blossoms are so sweet, and I love the 'mystery trees', too...looks like they might be a type of willow; great for kids to play in!
Rose said…
Oh, Gosh, I love these!!! I love that Pekin willow and that group of trees. Would have loved to have them to play in when a child. The flowers are beautiful, too.

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