Mid Week Post

Well here they are, my final pictures from our walk on Sunday.

The daffodils were out in force  making a wonderful splash of yellow.

A few more amazing trees - just because!! :)

 I though I had better put a picture of the river up - I didn't take too many of the river for some reason.
 I hope you enjoyed my set of pictures!!

I am off work for a couple of days - yahooo!!!! 
 Dan and I are off to Edinburgh for two days tomorrow. Laura (our lovely eldest daughter) gave us, for our Christmas, a voucher for a day trip to Edinburgh Castle and a champagne tea in a hotel in the town. 
 So that is what we are going to do. 
Plus we are staying overnight. 
Very exciting. 
Hopefully I will get plenty of photo opportunities. 
And you just know I will blog about it :))

 I'll not be on my blog until Saturday.  See you then!!!


Jill said…
Those daffoldils just make a person smile!

Have a wonderful time away! It sounds wonderful!
TexWisGirl said…
okay, NOW i can comment! :)

i hope you will enjoy your time away!
Debbie said…
the daffodils are breathtaking, ours are blooming also!!

have fun and take lot's of pictures!!
Lisa Gordon said…
Lovin' these daffodils Ellie!
You have a most wonderful time away!
Kerri said…
Lovely images! Hope you have a great time while you are gone!
I love the daffodils, they are one of my favorite spring flowers. I hope you have a great trip to Edinburgh!
The daffodils are lovely. We were just noticing that they are already starting to fade here in the South..so sad. Have a great weekend. That sounds like a great trip and a fun weekend. Enjoy!
Zinnia said…
How lovely to see so many daffodils! Ours still aren't blooming!
I love the first river shot with the wall in the foreground, it's so peaceful.
What a super Christmas present from your daughter: a day in Edinburgh and you're even going to stay the night! It's such fun getting out of routine for a few hours, isn't it?! Have loads of fun.
Lea White said…
Oh what stunning photos! I love the daffodils they look so bright and cheerful!
Paul said…
I have fond memories of Edinburgh. Enjoy your trip there!
busybusybeejay said…
What a lovely treat.Enjoy.I love seeing your photos and would love some tips on how you load them onto blogger.I am doing them individually at the moment and they aren't very good.Help/tips from anyone please.
Sheila said…
The daffodils are gorgeous , just love the bright yellow of daffodils and I especially love the last picture of the rocks in the water , great color .
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Wow, what a beautiful daffodils picture♡♡♡ I've never seen so many of them bloomed at the same place.
Have a wonderful weekend, my dear friend. Sounds pretty exciting♬♬♬ Looking forward to reading update about it!
Love you always, xoxo Miyako*
What beautiful photos!! so glad to have found your blog and happy to sign up to follow - I have roots in Scotland so I'm enjoying visiting through your blog!!
Mary x
Love the daffodils and the little tumbling waterfall. Hope that you had a great weekend. Diane
CameraCruise said…
Beautiful photos!
Hope you had a great time in Edinburgh.
Kala said…
Lovely nature images, Ellie. Love those daffodils!
Dianna said…
Sigh - a trip to Edinburgh Castle just sounds divine.
Hope you have a wonderful trip. Can't wait for photos!
Rose said…
I suppose you are gone by now...I hope you have a fun time...and I do enjoy your photos.
I hope you enjoyed your trip to Edinburgh, it is a lovely city. We have not been there since our daughter was at university in St Andrews but would love to go again.

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