Another Strange Plant

You can certainly get some weird and wonderful plants out there.  
I have not idea what this is.
It looks kind of hairy and soft and there were no flowers just these leaves.

Any ideas anyone?

 And just to add a bit of colour, here are some crocuses I found.

 Call me strange but I think it looks like they are marching along the grass. I know I'm a bit daft. :))

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Eileen said…
hi Ellie,

it may be lamb's ear. Have a look here:
Seeing Each Day said…
No I don't think you 're daft! I really like both those shots where you've put the crocusses in context of the larger scene as well as that fabulous close up.
Jill said…
I was also thinking lamb's ear.

The crocus are beautiful and you're not daft at all. You're wonderful!
gina said…
That first shot looks more like an animal than a plant! Your crocuses are wonderful -- I can see them marching too!
Karen said…
Great shots Ellie! Love the crocus, were you down on your kness to shoot that one?
Sheila said…
Eileen is correct it is lambs ear , my FIL grew them and they do flower eventually , he called them rabbit ears lol . Love those crocuses , you are obviously much more into spring than we are , we woke to yet another blanket of snow.
lisa said…
I have never seen anything quite like the "hairy one" Ellie. I want to say Lamb's Ear, and yet, I'm not real sure. Whatever it is, you have captured some wonderful detail in it, and I just love the crocuses!

Thank you so much for sharing with us this today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful evening!

Very nice shots.

Regards and best wishes
Rose said…
The crocuses are beautiful and I love that plant...going to check lamb's ear out on google. Didn't know what it was but have heard of it before.
Leontien said…
Hi Ellie,

i have no idea but i think they are beautiful! i do know the last pic's flowers! ;-)

Big hugs
Zinnia said…
Hi Ellie, so nice to visit you here! I think that first photo you took is of a plant commonly known as "Donkey's ears". I see that other animal's ears have been mentioned up above... so you can choose your animal! LOL!
I love the crocus marching along the grass! I can't believe how green your grass is already (unless you brightened it up a bit?!) Our grass here is still yellowish and rather sparse!
In the first crocus picture, I love the contrast of the trees in the background in their lovely neutral shades.
Paul Forster said…
Stunning photos, Ellie! Great colours! Not a plant expert but I really liked the first plant!
Giga said…
Nie wiem jak się te włochate rośliny nazywają, ale są ciekawe. Krokusowa łąka jest cudowna. Pozdrawiam. *** I do not know how these plants are called hairy, but they are interesting. Krokusowa meadow is wonderful. Yours.
Anonymous said…
Hi Ellie,
We call them Lamb's Ear here where I live. :)

I love all the photos, so lovely!
Kala said…
The first photo looks like lamb's ears. And I love that last shot of the colorful field of crocus!
I love the crocuses, they are one of my favorite flowers in the spring.
Lea White said…
Love your photos! The first one is rather weird, but in a lovely way!
Tezzie said…
Ooooh, so pretty with all the signs of spring <3 I'd have to agree with the folks above...that def. looks like some type of Lamb's Ear.
Lea said…
Lovely crocus close-up and marching along, too! I wonder who planted them in a line like that and why. Fuzzy hairy plant very interesting, but I have no idea what it is.
Have a blessed day!
Lea's Menagerie
Ash said…
Lovely photos, especially the last one!
CameraCruise said…
Great shots, love the last one!
leavesnbloom said…
I was photographing the crocus down in Perth last Saturday in the grass just like that - I wish I had been there a few days earlier as the rain on Thursday had pretty much wrecked many of them.

Those folk above me gave you the correct id -- Staychs lanata.
Beverly said…
Hi Ellie,
It is so nice to see the crocuses blooming! I love how you got right down into them to take their picture. Lamb's ear, yes. It looks like it has on its winter coat. I love to feel those furry leaves, so soft. The blooms I've seen are kind of tall, spikey stem with small lavender flowers. Have a wonderful week.
We had Lamb's Ear in the garden in Oxford;I had to keep it well under control or it just took over. I see a couple of plants have popped up here so I must have brought some seed over in one of the pots!! It is pretty but I found it grew a bit like a weed, ours got purple coloured flower stalks which I did not think were as pretty as the leaves.
Keep well Diane
Buttons said…
Lambs Ears? I know nothing about plants. I never thought you were daft I think you are a true photographer artist. B
I was going to say lambs ear, but they definitely look different than the ones that we have here....much more "furry"...I was actually thinking they look like a dog's ear...but I agree that is what they are.
Janie said…
Definite Lambs Ear...
Soft and sweet to hold like a warm lamb. I like your purple crocus too. The term: "daft". Does this mean silly, goofy, daffy? I am guessing a word the English use. I like your words. Wish I could remember them all. I am running out of words...

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