Sunny Days and Reflections

Last Sunday was a beautiful day - blue sky and the sun was shining. Wonderful!!!!

So Danny and I decided to take a walk into town and along the beachfront. It was very busy down there - I think everybody must have had the same idea as us.

Emma, works in a cafe/coffee shop and as she was working on Sunday we thought we would pop in to have a coffee. 
 Well, we would have but it was extremely busy and there were no free tables. So we moved on to the the next coffee shop (there are quite a few coffee shops in our town). We eventually found one which was busy but there was a seat outside so we took that. 
 I have to say I didn't realise just how windy it actually was until we sat down. 
It's not easy drinking coffee and buttering a scone when the wind is blowing like that.  We persevered and managed though :))

Anyway while waiting for our coffee to arrive I noticed this silver ball - it was separating our seating area from the next. I saw that you could get a really good reflection in it - yup that's me you see taking the picture :))
 I thought I'd share this today with 

If you click the link it will take you to a blog full of reflection shots. Great fun!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


TexWisGirl said…
VERY nice, ellie! :)
Susan said…
Round reflections are cool for the even more intense distortion. Sometimes the distortions are even upside down. Like how you didn't have to get up to grab the shot.
A clever composition for the meme.
busybusybeejay said…
Great shot.Let's hope we have another glorious weekend.We have been sat out in the garden this afternoon.It does your soul good.
Jill said…
Super shot, Ellie!
Cezar and Léia said…
You are very talented, I like a lot this picture, the reflection is brilliant and clear!
Very well done,
Léia - Bonjour Luxembourg
Very good noted reflection.

Regards and best wishes
Zinnia said…
That's a fun shot! "Ellie in a silver ball eating scones"! You certainly know how to enjoy yourself!
Have a gorgeous weekend!
Paul said…
Certainly a shiny silver ball and made a great photo opportunity. Who needs a self timer!
Linda said…
Very nice photo! I love those unexpected "selfie" shots!
Pat MacKenzie said…
You must have a good zoom lens, or is the distance distorted in the reflection? Lovely picture.
Nancy Claeys said…
Very cool photo and reflection Ellie! :)
Dianne said…
that's really pretty
Jeanne said…
Had to blow this up to see you a bit better, but looks like a really cute spot to sit in and enjoy your coffee.... even with the wind. Have a wonderful couple of weeks, and will look forward to seeing you again after I come back from Hawaii! Happy Spring!! and have a wonderful weekend. What has happened with Emma and her school??? By the way
Rose said…
You must be very observant!

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