Dried Flower

I bought a few tulips they other day and - I'm ashamed to say - forgot about them.

 By the time I remembered them they were just a wee bit dried up.  

I thought it made an unusual picture and is actually quite attractive to look at - wouldn't you agree?
After I took the pictures I disposed of them - you will be pleased to hear :))

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Jill said…
It is just beautiful, Ellie!
Eileen said…
That's the sort of thing I do! Beautiful photo though.
Bethany said…
It is! Very pretty!
Giga said…
Nie nacieszyłaś się nimi w wazonie, ale zdjęcie trochę wyschniętego jest ciekawe. Pozdrawiam.*** Did not enjoy them in a vase, but the picture a little dried-up is interesting. Yours.
Debbie said…
Pretty Ellie I love the light!!
Ellie -
Honestly, only YOU would have thought to take a picture of a dried up flower - and as usual, it is very pretty.

Have a great day!
Zinnia said…
Oh! Poor flowers! I do like the way they seem to be grinning at you though baring their teeth a little!
Have you ever heard a tulip growl before?!

Good night from here!
TexWisGirl said…
flower murderer! :) just teasing!
Carletta said…
I usually remember to put them in water when I bring flowers home but forget to take the pictures until they're almost dried up. :)
I love the way you captured the stamens and pistal enclosed by the remaining petals.
You've captured it's beauty even in it's decay!
Karen said…
Hee hee to what TexWisGirl said...but it does make for a pretty picture!
Roan said…
Dead or alive, it does make a great picture! Love the shade of yellow.
I have done that before...which is actually why I don't buy cut flowers all that often.
Too bad you forgot about the flowers. I am sure you won't do that next time you buy flowers.
Paul said…
An interesting photo, Ellie! Thanks for sharing!
Lea White said…
That's a great photo!
They look nice even dried.

Regards and best wishes
I think it made an excellent composition.
Anna said…
Hi Ellie,
I actually find flowers interesting in all stages of grow and decay... call me perverse :) I do like this shot - peering into the tulips dwindling life cycle!
Hope your week is great!
Pat MacKenzie said…
How nice that you can find (and capture) beauty in everything you look at. The tulip picture is lovely.
Pat MacKenzie said…
How nice that you can find (and capture) beauty in everything you look at. The tulip picture is lovely.
The Blonde Duck said…
Have you ever tried pressing flowers? They're great for scrapbooking!
What an amazing picture - it so completely validates the postulate about making lemonade when life hands you lemons.

George Savva
Rose said…
It did make a nice photo....

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