My Weekend

It's Sunday night once again!
My how the weekend speeds away.  
And what have I achieved this weekend?

Well, on Saturday I got my hair cut - yay - it badly needed it. Isn't it funny how all of a sudden your hair just gets too long and you can't do anything with it.  Now it's all neat and tidy again - so much easier :)) 

Having said that I have noticed a whole lot of white/grey coming through. I have decided to let it come through (and not get it coloured) just to see how it looks - it's quite scary though!!!
In the afternoon I just pottered about a wee bit - a bit of housework, cooking - you know all the usual things. Then my sister-in-law phoned and asked if we wanted to go around for a blether and a glass of wine. Well, who am I  to say no to that?  It was very pleasant and we must do it again sometime soon.

Today Dan and I went into Glasgow to a local cash and carry warehouse to buy some items.
 I like to buy my washing powder and things like that in bulk.  

After the successful cookie making day I had last weekend I decided to make some more today.  
I made the usual chocolate chip one and then I tried some chocolate orange ones.  
Well, I don't like to blow my own trumpet but they were very good - and the family told me too and believe me if they didn't like them they would have told me so. :)

Chocolate Orange Cookies

Karen has planted lots of hyacinth bulbs and they are all starting to flower and they are beautiful. 
I got my camera out and snapped some of them.  The perfume from them is wonderful.  I can't wait until they are all fully blooming.

 Pretty Hyacinths

Well, that was my weekend and it was very enjoyable. Hope you all had a good one, how did you spend yours?


TexWisGirl said…
wow! those hyacinths are beautiful! so neat! (and you're still evil with the cookies...)
Filip Demuinck said…
Fantastic colours.

Sheila said…
Can I have a cookie please , they sure look delicious ;-) the hyacinths are so pretty , nice to have some color around.
I had to have a photo taken for my Carte Vitale (Health Card) at the weekend and I could not believe how grey may hair looked - must have been the bright light in the booth!! As for hair cuts, the last twice since I have been here I suddenly get the urge and then cut it myself, think though this time I had better get some shape put back into it, I find the back is very difficult to do myself :(
My hyacinths are coming out in the garden :) Diane
busybusybeejay said…
A quiet weekend here.We had our granddaughter all day Friday so we needed the weekend to recover!I have reached the white hair stage(being soooo much older than you!) but decided to stay white and not colour it.I keep it short and have a good cut every 5 or 6 weeks.I couldn't be bothered with all that colouring malarky.
Karen said…
Beautiful hyacinths, and those cookies look pretty yummy!
Flora said…
Pretty flowers!
Jill said…
MMmmmmm...I can almost smell those cookies and flowers! Lovely!
Tracy Wood said…
Man... those look great.... I love citrus in all things, especially chocolate, so I know I would love these cookies. Plus, I am a 'cookie snob'... only eating great cookies!
CameraCruise said…
Thoose cookies look so delicious.
Beautiful color of the hyacinths.
Ellie- sounds like a perfect weekend, a little pottering (we call it piddling around) :) - a little cooking, and a little fun and friendship!

I mulched, fed and sprayed my five rose bushes. All our daffodils have buds on them, but it has not yet been warm enough for them to open up.
Roan said…
Those cookies look scrumptious. I'm not sure what a blether is, but if it goes well with wine, must be good. Sounds like a productive and enjoyable weekend.
Sounds like you had a nice weekend. I agree the weekends are way too short. I love the flowers, they are so pretty.
Lea White said…
The cookies sound yummy! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend!
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
I am going to get my hair done tomorrow and I always have so-called "hair manicure" not dyeing. Oh, natural is always wonderful, my friend!!! I remember my late mother had all grey hair but looked lovely old distinguished lady, haha.

Tasty looking cookies♡♡♡ Yum, Yum!!!
Happy for your lovely weekend.

Love you always, xoxo Miyako*
Isn't it easier for a bloke to go grey - infact if you get caught trying to dye it, you're in trouble. Mines is well on the way now - I watch it going grey with curiousity and fascination rather than anything negative.

Cookies, wine :) - two of the major food groups covered.
Rose said…
They hyacinths are beautiful and the cookies sounds so good.
Zinnia said…
Beautiful hyacinths.
Now then Ellie, when are you going to put those scrummy cookie recipes on your blog?! It's so cruel to tempt us like that when we can't pop in for tea!
geetlee said…
I need a hair cut too! My hair is becoming quite wild haha
I love the idea of chocolate orange cookies, you must post the recipe, would love to try it out.
Lovely shots of the flowers.
Have a great weekend Ellie :)
Zinnia said…
Hi Ellie, I just read the bit about the white hair coming through! That started with me a while back and I decided to go grey gracefully, it's also softer on the face than dyed hair! A good cut does wonders too!

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