A Flower A Mirror And Some Water

Between the weather being a bit iffy and not being able to get out I haven't taken many pictures this week. 
So I was wondering what I could do. 
I love to have flowers in the house and it gives me something to take picture of, so I went and bought some tulips - I love my Spring flowers lol

I was trying to think of a different way to shoot them. 
I hummed and hawed for a wee bit and then I though 'get a mirror and do some reflection shots'. 
So I tried that.

I quite liked the effect but was looking for something more. 

Well, I did my next favourite thing and sprinkled some water on them, I splashed it onto the mirror and  I quite liked it so I did some shots of that as well.  

And I quite liked that too. 

I had a bit of cleaning up to do when I finished though, water everywhere - a little goes a long way  lol.

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TexWisGirl said…
you're always so inventive with your blooms and water shots. :)
Susan said…
How neat!!!
Zinnia said…
Hello Ellie, I see you've been playing with your favourite medium again: water! I like the reflections and the spilled water effect. Reflections and water go so well together and you found yourself some beautiful tulips there.
Thank goodness for shop flowers, the ones in the earth are hanging on for a bit longer!
Karen said…
I like it too!
Those are so very pretty!!!!
Jill said…
Very creative and just beautiful!!!
EG CameraGirl said…
Great solution! Nice work!
Filip Demuinck said…
The water reflection is great.

homeschoolceo said…
Lovely! Those are some gorgeous tulips ;)
Giga said…
Masz ciekawe pomysły , efekty też są - bardzo ładne zdjęcia. Pozdrawiam. *** You have interesting ideas, the effects they are - very nice pictures. Yours.
Rose said…
Very nice...the water really added to the shots, too.
Janie said…
With weather so iffy, you can find millions of ways to be entertained. My kind of lady. I see I have missed a lot. The flowers and it appears to be spring here where I live. We never really had a winter. Not hardly the rains we usually have in winter. Your colors are beauties. Thanks for inspiring me.
These photos are very lovely. I love the spring flowers too.
Pat MacKenzie said…
How inventive and creative you are with your photo shots. Lovely tulips and lovely photos.
Dianna said…
But those pictures are worth the clean-up. Great idea - love the water puddle effect!
geetlee said…
this is a lovely idea! would love to try it out myself :)
Very pretty! We don't see white tulips very often.
deb duty said…
So pretty and very creative!
hannah said…
This is brill!
I've used mirrors, I've used water, but together they are magnetic. Tulips are such boring flowers unless they are half dead, but you have mamaged to make them interesting.

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