A Tale of Two Heathers

Here is some heather that is growing in my mum and dad's garden. Isn't it a wonderful colour.
Don't you think that heather is such a lovely word - some words just sound nice, and I think this is one of them. 

 Another Heather that I knew and loved was my  wonderful dog.  

When I was a very little girl, about 4/5 years old, I was bitten by a little Scottie dog.

 I was playing in my friend's house at the time and we had opened a bedroom door and out charged this, very angry, little Scottie dog. 
Well, it chased me round the house snarling and barking. I finally got to the front door and was trapped I couldn't go anywhere else, it louped (jumped) up and attached itself to my knee.  


It really scared me and put me right off dogs let me tell you. My parents knew they had to try and find a way to cure me of this fear. They decided the best way was to get a dog as a pet.  

I well remember the day we went to see a litter of  Sheltie (miniature collie) pups and knew straight away that Heather was the one for us. 

 I got her as a special present for my 5th birthday.  She was the most wonderful pet and loved by everybody, especially me :))  We had her until I was 18 and then she sadly died. It was a very sad day indeed!!!

Anyway, to end this post on a more cheery note I want to tell you a funny story about Heather and me.

When she was a wee, tiny puppy and we were trying to toilet train her she would sometimes go behind the couch and do her business without anybody knowing. 
Well of course I would play with her running around the house and we would inevitably end up playing behind the couch.
Yup you guessed it - I would find it after stepping right into it. 


  My poor mum had to wash my feet every time. Nothing quite like the feeling of puppy poop on your feet!!!

I hope I haven't disgusted you all. 
I look back at it and laugh now - not sure if my mum does though. 

Here she is with her own puppy who we called Honey - this was taken in the early 1970's.


TexWisGirl said…
ooh, yuck. stepping in pup poop is bad enough outside - inside would be so much worse. :)

funny, my family dog, a beagle, joined our household when i was 5 and died when i was 18 also... :)
Jill said…
Heather was beautiful! And so was her pup. Yuck on the poop but it did make me giggle.

Love the other heather too!
Jeanne said…
You totallly made me laugh about your stepping in the puppy poop. Yes it is yucky to step in. I have 3 yorkies who are not to well known for their making it outside to the potty. Your flower photos are lovely also, as well as the photo of your dear friend Heather. I do like that name too, in fact, I like it so much, I named my daughter Heather. Hope your week is going well! Best to you! Jeanne
I love the picture of your dog Heather and her puppy. They are so cute.
geetlee said…
I loved this post! Memories are so precious and Heather looks really beautiful.
Paul said…
We get very attached to our pets. Heather looked like a lovely pet. We had a collie when we were little and now we have a female cat called Garfield. Yes I know but Alice insisted!
Nice to see what a heather plant looks like. The flower is quit pretty.
Your other Heather was a "Lassie" dog, very nice.
Lisa said…
Heather (1) is beautiful. I wish it grew here but I think it is too hot for it!

Heather (2) was beautiful too. What a funny, sweet story to remember!!
Rose said…
I bet you are glad your mom and dad got her...she is a little beauty.
Karen said…
Beautiful heather flowers, I've never seen it close up!

Heather was a gorgeous dog! I've stepped in a lot of puppy poop over the years. I hate when it squishes through your toes :(
Sandra said…
Lovely close up of the tiny heather flowers.
It sounds like you had a great connection with that miniature collie you had for your fifth birthday!
What a story, Heather is also a pretty girls name, although probably no longer in vogue.
Giga said…
Wrzos ma śliczny kolor. Rodzice dobre lekarstwo na Twój strach przed psem , chociaż słuszny, wymyślili. Pokochałaś psy i to ich wielkie osiągnięcie. . Pozdrawiam.
Heather has a beautiful color. Parents of a good cure for your fear of the dog, although correct, have invented. You loved the dogs and it was their great achievement. Yours.
Lea White said…
Eeeuw, what a way to find the little "presents" left for you :-). My mum used to call it sponge-thorn. Soft like a sponge when you step in it, and then you walk away looking like you stepped in a thorn.
Dianna said…
Aw, sweet picture of your pups. Heather is a pretty word. (A friend of mine knew a young woman named Heather. She was a bit "scatterbrained", so my friend called her "Heather, the Feather"!)
Tricia said…
I love those flowers...so pretty! And your cute little dog. Animals sure give us a lot of memories, don't they? :)
Sheila said…
Cute story , Heather is a lovely name and your pup was lovely and I am sure has given you many wonderful memories . Hugs Sheila
Debbie said…
what a beautiful color!! heather is a beautiful girls name, and you had three. no heather??

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