A Piece of Driftwood

I thought I'd show the piece of driftwood that Karen picked up at the beach the other night.  
It is needing a bit of a clean and tidy up. 
It's not a huge but big enough for her to carry home!!!  There was another piece which she really would have liked to bring home but it was about 3 feet long.  I certainly didn't fancy carting that back up the road. So this piece had to do.

It has quite a nice shape - well it will be once all the stray bits have been tidied up!! 

Any ideas on what she can do with it? - she was thinking of making it into a candle holder, but I'm not sure.  I think it would make a nice table decoration - maybe a wee bit big though.

It is so lovely and smooth - the sea definitely did a great job on it.

Yesterday the weather really changed - it is soooo cold and it actually snowed here.
It's amazing how the weather can change so quickly in the space of a couple of days.  
Hopefully it will return to nice warm, sunny weather before to long. 
On Friday I have a long weekend off work for the Easter holidays. I can't wait!!!!


TexWisGirl said…
no ideas on the driftwood, other than a garden centerpiece. brrr on the weather!
Sandra said…
I love the smoothness of the driftwood.
It's turned colder here too and we've had rain, a storm and hail... Easter doesn't sound too sunny either!
Enjoy your time off work! I'm on my Easter break too!
Jill said…
That IS beautiful! I always think garden when I see driftwood.
I can't believe you are getting snow & I'm sitting here in a tank top because it's 80 degrees outside. Incredible! Love this driftwood- we have lots of pieces like that around our yard to remind us of home.
lisa said…
Ellie, I found a piece of driftwood years ago, and have some of my orchids mounted on it. Since orchids do not need soil, I just used some floral wire to secure them, and just mist to water them. When they all go into bloom, it is really beautiful.
Debbie said…
oh no, it's too late in the season to be snowing!!

i googled "creative things to do with a piece of driftwood", a few things came up. i would def try to do something fun with it, garden art seems to be the most popular!!
Paul said…
Certainly a spectacular piece of driftwood. A lovely ornament!
I always love the smoothness of driftwood. I sorry to hear that it snowed there. I hope it warms up for you.
Lea White said…
That is lovely!
Dianna said…
That is a pretty piece of driftwood. We get those occasionally in our yard after a high tide. I usually just place them in a flowerbed.
Our weather has changed overnight too! In the 80's yesterday, 60's today and WINDY!
Have a good day!
CameraCruise said…
That's a lovely driftwood.
I use them for decorations in my garden.

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