Monday Blooms

Remember I told you that I took a lot of pictures when I was at the woods the other day?
  Well today I'm going to show you some of them.

Now, I love pretty wee flowers and I have to say these were some of the prettiest I have seen for a while.

We were supposed to get lots of heavy rain and wind over the entire weekend but the weatherman got it wrong. It has been bright and sunny. 
 Isn't it great when they get it wrong in a good way :))

My friend has just had a lovely summerhouse built in her garden and yesterday she invitited me over.  We had a good blether (chat), a coffee and generally put the world to rights all in the comfort of her summerhouse. I really enjoyed it.

The only trouble is,
now I would like one!!!

Here's wishing everyone a good and happy week ahead.

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Lea White said…
The summerhouse sounds lovely! What a lovely catchup you had! Like your photo!
Sandra said…
I love your woodland shots, especially the forget-me-nots! Is that a Camelia in the last shot? Gorgeous colour.
Can I come and join you in your friend's summerhouse and share a coffee and a blether? I'll bring a cake!!!
Have a beautiful week, Ellie!
Stewart M said…
I think a summerhouse (with a decent roof!) sounds like a great idea.

Stewart M - Australia
Beautiful flowers. All the wind and rain was sent to us instead and there is still no change!! Diane
Jill said…
Love everyone of these delicate beauties. Great shots!
Lea said…
Beautiful flowers!
I love they way you have caught the light on the last one.
Have a wonderful day!
Lea's Menagerie
Carletta said…
A summerhouse - such a wonderful thought.
You found some lovely blooms! I especially like the fourth shot but they are all wonderfully captured.
Rose said…
The summer house sounds wonderful...and your flower shots are lovely! I really, really like the last two.
Rose said…
The summer house sounds wonderful...and your flower shots are lovely! I really, really like the last two.
Jan n Jer said…
Love your shots of the "Wee" flowers. Your "Blether" in the summerhouse sounds like my kind of day!
TexWisGirl said…
i think i might have to invite myself over to the friend's place more often, if i were you. :)
Karen said…
Oh aren't they pretty! The forget-me-nots are my fave!
ZielonaMila said…
Beautiful flowers, I like the spring since is giving to world of a lot of beautiful flowers and the optimism. I am greeting
Beautiful - isn't Spring just the best!!
mary x
Debbie said…
beautiful images ellie!! love them all!!
ormbunke said…
Underbara blommor du visar. Tack för din kommentar hos mig.
Lisa said…
Those flowers are just lovely - so delicate and perfect!
Jeanne said…
Very lovely photos Ellie and how much fun to meet with a friend for coffee and a blether ( new word for me)
Kala said…
So many wonderful spring blossoms - thanks for sharing these images!
I love springtime flowers. Your photos are lovely.
Paul said…
Beautiful blooms, Ellie! Nice to have time out with close friends.
Giga said…
Śliczne i jest i niebieska niezapominajka, którą uwielbiam. Pozdrawiam.
Cute and and blue flower, which I love. Yours.
Beautiful flower shots!
lisa said…
How beautiful these are Ellie. I especially love the 4th one here. It is such a beautiful little flower, and you have photographed it so perfectly!

Now I've never heard of a summerhouse (maybe what we call a gazebo?) No matter, you have made me want one too!!!
Jane said…
Blethering away in a freinds summerhouse outside sounds pretty sweet. I enjoyed seeing your flower photos from your out in the woods search. I am going to use some of your words with my friends, will let you know.

The rabbit is really stretching, it is so funny to hear what people think about his morning stretch. Reminds me of cartoons.
Betty Roan said…
You sure found some beauties. We have some similar to the next to last shot, but I haven't been out in the woods much yet this year, so probably missed them.

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