We have got quite a few lovely bluebells in our front garden under the window.  I don't remember ever planting them but I suppose I must have. 
They are so pretty, they make me think of fairies - oh does that make me sound a bit strange?  I hope not!! :))

Anyway I was shooting away at these little flowers with my camera when I decided to cut a stem and bring it in the house.
 I got told off by Karen for doing that - it was only 1 stem though!!!

I loved these reflections I was getting on my favourite black plate - I use it frequently for taking pictures - you must recognise it by now lol.

Then I spotted the reflection of the sky in the plate and I thought I need to catch that - so I went back outside to get the best angle.

When I was looking at my pictures on the computer I couldn't believe the amount of scratches on the plate. So please try to look beyond them :))  

 I decided to try again trying to minimise the scratches but when I went back outside the clouds had turned grey as you can see. 

Oh well, I suppose there is nothing else for it I will just have to buy myself a new shiny black plate.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are ready for the week ahead.


Jill said…
From one fairy lover to these beautiful blooms!
Karen said…
Well, I don't think it sounds strange because I have family of fairies living in my garden!

Such delicate little blooms, and the plate reflections are great!
Your bluebells are ahead of ours. We have the white ones out but the blue are only just in bud. Diane
Eileen said…
Our bluebells are just starting to flower and like you they always remind me of fairies. I played the primrose fairy in one of our primary school plays (when I was about 7) and I was so jealous of the girl playing the bluebell fairy, because her costume was much prettier than mine!
Sandra said…
Lovely bluebell photos, Ellie. I love the first shot against the brick wall. I'm glad you got some blue skies... just all grey here today!
By the way, I believe in fairies too!
TexWisGirl said…
so much brightness in the sky in that one shot, the plate looks like silver! :)
Heidi said…
Your bluebells are beautiful!...Have a great week ahead!
Sheila said…
I'd like to think there are fairies dancing around those bluebells , they are gorgeous . great photos!
Mira Crisp said…
I love how you're on the lookout for reflections in your photos. The photo with clouds reflecting on the plate is really nice!
lisa said…
Not strange at all Ellie!
I think the fairy analogy is a good one, and these are so beautiful.

Sending you wishes for a wonderful start to your week!
Pat MacKenzie said…
If I had a garden I'd plant bluebells just to attract the wee folk. My daughter has lily of the valley in her garden and I'm sure they have fey visitors too.

Love your pictures.
Debbie said…
oh ellie, i love all thing "fairy"!

really special pictures today!!
Jeanne said…
Really lovely Ellie. Do like the ones you did inside ( even if you did get in to trouble)LOL
I love the bluebells. They looked lovely on the plate. The scratches give the plate character. I hope you had a lovely weekend also. My weekend went way to fast.
Lea White said…
Such pretty flowers. And the black plate does make it look so artistic!
Betty Roan said…
Wow! Who knew a black plate could make such a beautiful reflection.
Rose said…
OH, these are so the ones on the plate whether scratched or not.
The sky in your pictures is that. I would have never noticed the scratches:-).
geetlee said…
the last shot is really awesome, I love it! And I totally get the connection between bluebells and fairies (reminds me of Enid Blyton too :))

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