My Tree is Potted

Remember my apple tree and the fact I needed a huge pot for it. 
Well, I got one and here it is.
 I couldn't believe how hard it was to find a pot this big, but we eventually found one. 
I think it is quite nice.  
 I bet you were thinking it was a clay pot but in fact it is plastic.  I though plastic was safer than clay - but we will see.

And here is my wee tree in the pot in its own place on the decking, securely attached to the side panel. 
I don't want it being blown about in the wind. 
It gets quite windy here you know!!

On a separate note - it was a lovely day here yesterday. It was supposed to be really wet and grey - but look blue sky. 

 And that's my tree reaching for the sky :)) 

I hope the sun is shining wherever you are!!!


Karen said…
Nope, it's cold and grey here, and we even had a few snowflakes!
All my "clay" pots are plastic, they hold up pretty good, but will fade in the sun. I just love the apple blossoms!
TexWisGirl said…
yay! plastic makes for easier moving, for sure!
Jill said…
Perfect pot for a perfect tree!
lisa said…
Your tree looks wonderful Ellie!
Debbie said…
does the apple tree not need to go in the ground?? it looks great in the pretty pot but i would think it needs to go in the ground!!

did we go over this and i am forgetting??
Debbie said…
ooohhhh and we are having gorgeous weather!!
I am glad that you found a big enough pot. I like the pots that are plastic but look like clay. Hope you get lots of apples off of your new tree.
Lea White said…
That is a beautiful pot you found. And how cool your little tree looks in the pot!
Paul said…
We've had lots of sun but the rain is coming. The pot looks lovely even if it is plastic. An elegant looking tree!
deb duty said…
Your apple tree is lovely. I love apple blossoms, but I'll just have to enjoy your photos because we can't grow them here or at least I don't think so since I never see them in person.
ZielonaMila said…
Fantastic tree, I think that it will have excellent fruits. I am greeting
geetlee said…
It's rainy and gloomy here in Vancouver, thanks for the last shot. It warms me up looking at the tree reaching for a lovely blue sky :)
lovely pot - gorgeous tree! it looks very happy in its new home :)
Mary x
Rose said…
I like the post you chose..

it was sunny and bright here today. Still a little cool but not bad.
Sush said…
If I'm ever feeling down I know when I click on your blog I will find something lovely and God blessed for my eyes! I l hope you share the growth of your lovely apple tree as it ages!
Janie said…
I guess we will be see you picken some apples and making some kitchen delights?
Beauty of a tree, love the blossoms.
Betty Roan said…
Now that is a pot! There is a pottery shop not far from here where they make pots such as these. I love going there to browse.
I love the blossoms - so pretty. I have a pot like that and everything grows so nicely in it.

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