A Greenhouse And No Errors

Our Karen has a few hobbies, one of them as you know is baking cakes. The other one is gardening and growing plants. 
We bought this little plastic greenhouse a couple of years ago and it is full to bursting with all of her plants. 

And as you can see my decking is just covered in pots.
I would love for her to have a proper greenhouse but we just don't have the room in our garden. 
So she discovered this larger plastic one which she can walk into and work on her plants. 
The kit comes in a box and is a bit like a tent with poles, tent pegs and ropes. 
Anyway Karen and her dad got started building it up.

Please excuse the unfinished fence painting - that is a summer job for this year!!

Now not only is her wee greenhouse full of plants but this is what any shelf in my house looks like - so I am quite happy we are going to get some shelfspace back :))

 I  couldn't resist a token picture of Karen and myself. She is not keen on getting her picture taken so I grab any opportunity I can :))

Another thing I wanted to mention. 
After I write a post I proof read it for spelling mistakes and the like - yes I really do!!!  
But the thing is when I post it and Danny reads it (have I mentioned that he stalks my blog, 'cause he does and he sometimes even makes comment when I haven't done a post for a day) he finds all sorts of spelling mistakes that I have missed.  
I really do know the difference between too and to and there and their, so how come these mistakes find their way there (did *you* see what I did there?) lol. 
Personally I think there is a blogging gremlin out there that just bides his time and waits till I put my post up and then puts all these mistakes in. 
Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. 
Now I am away to proof read this several times and hopefully there won't be any mistakes for Danny to find. Wish me luck!!!


Stewart M said…
What a splendid little greenhouse (even if its white!)

Making spelling errors are just like having a regional accent - even people who claim not to have them do really!

Stewart M - Australia
Sandra said…
I love the story of Karen's new greenhouse, what a lovely and useful thing to own. She will have fun in there nurturing her plants along!
Lovely to see your picture with her too at the end!
Don't worry about spelling mistakes, we all make them and when we proof-read our texts, the brain is clever enough to correct them, so we don't "see" them right away! However, the nice part is, that we can go back into our blog and edit them out (if we have seen them - that is!!!)
My bugbear is when I see "advise" instead of "advice" or "chose" instead of "choose"... there and their are very common slip-ups because they sound the same! Another one that creeps in all over the place is: "it's" (it is) instead of "its" in the possessive form!
It's a shame that spelling on blogs isn't automatically checked and underlined when incorrect! That would give us all a break!

Have a great day... I do believe the sun is coming back here and hope it's the same for you!
Jill said…
What a wonderful little greenhouse. It's just perfect! You and Karen look wonderful.

What mistakes?
busybusybeejay said…
I'm tempted to get one of those greenhouses but we go away quite a lot and I would have to get someone to come and water things.Lovely photo of you both.
Karen has such great hobbies and talents! I have never seen a greenhouse like that. I always say I should grow some of my plants from seed.

Maybe Danny is your gremlin and he is logging into your blogger account and switching things around on you? Just kidding! I think sometimes we just don't see things that afterwards seem completely obvious..it's hard to catch everything.
We bought one of those green houses in the UK as we also had no room. It lasted a month and then went into orbit in a storm! I hope that yours has more protection than ours did!! Diane
TexWisGirl said…
too cute about your spell-check stalker. and your daughter is such a doll. :)
Rita said…
My hubby also lurks on my blog and is always correcting my grammar and spelling. He will print off the post and highlight the mistakes in yellow and correct in red above. That is so much work for him that I just beg him to sign in and fix it on the PC. But, he claims that I will never learn if he does that.

Go figure!!
Karen said…
Now that's a nifty little green house! Lovely photo of you and Karen too!
Rose said…
Oh, Ellie, I have the same problems with checking my spelling...I know the difference but just don't always catch. The one thing that helps me is to hit the preview first....they seem to stand out more when I do that. I just don't always take the time to do it.

Your daughter is very talented...I am sure you must be very proud of her.
DisparateDan said…
Danny the proof reading "stalker" here. I was about to write "my work here is done" but then I read this post over again; spelling is great but ... in the brackets right after "their way there" ... you missed out the word "you" - doh!

And now you can't fix it unless you delete this comment - well, will she, won't she? LOL

Oh, BTW, I only complain about you not posting because, like so many of your followers, I love reading this blog.

Apologies to anyone who finds that too sickly sweet - in hindsight, so do I! LOL
Debbie said…
haha, my husband does the same thing!!

cute picture of you and karen!!
Debbie said…
omg, i just read dans comment...to/too funny!!
Dianna said…
What a cute little greenhouse! I bet your daughter is loving that.
So glad you posted a picture of the two of you.
And I know what you mean about those little blogging gremlins... I've had them strike a couple of times and publish a post when I know I did NOT click "publish"!
Karen is such a talented girl. I love the photo of you and Karen together. We all make spelling mistakes so don't feel bad.
Filip Demuinck said…
Very creative such a green house.

Sush said…
Oh I hate it when I've proofed a post and find the mistakes or my husband finds them later. What can we do?
Love the green house...I've always longed for one!
Paul Forster said…
A fine photo of mother and daughter! Great looking green house!
Betty Roan said…
Hubby would love one of those greenhouses. He has shelves and a grow light in the spare bedroom. Spell check stalker, lol. I edit and edit and still find mistakes, too. Good luck!
Nancy said…
I love those little greenhouses, but I'm afraid with the winds we have here, they wouldn't have a chance!

No worries about the spelling -- I'm just glad you share! :) xoxo
That greenhouse is so cool!
geetlee said…
Haha... It happens to me too!!!! This blogging gremlin I tell ya!
Lovely to see you and Karen. Her greenhouse looks wonderful!

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