Beautiful Blooms




Just a few of the beautiful blooms that are in my mum and dad's garden.
Mum did tell me what they were all called but I have the memory of a hen and have totally forgotten.

Sorry mum!!!

If your having a look at this post mum (and I know you probably will ;) ) and want to remind me again I will come back and put the names up.

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TexWisGirl said…
very lovely. i like those white ones at the top.
Karen said…
Oh lovely, whatever their names are! Love the top ones.
Lovely spring blooms Ellie and hope your mum doesn't mind me add the names here Pieris, Dicentra and Vinca. I always love to see the dicentra appearing and as a child I used to turn the individual flower upside down as it looked like a lady in the bath. I guarantee your mum will know exactly what I'm talking about.
Sush said…
Ahh I'm waiting for my pieris to bloom! Just brought home some hanging baskets of fuschia to charm the hummingbirds!
Beautiful blooms as always!
Betty Roan said…
I think the white ones are my favorite, but they are all beautiful. None of my flowers, except a couple of my roses, have bloomed yet. I think I need to plant more bulbs this fall so I can have some spring flowers.
lisa said…
Each of these is beautiful Ellie!
I love those little white flowers.
I don't think I have ever seen them before.
I want some each of the first two:) Glad it is not just me with a rubbish memory!!! Diane
Debbie said…
WoW Ellie, you got some gorgeous shots, crisp and clear and beautiful colors!!!
Rose said…
These are just simply beautiful!
Leontien said…
haha i think your mum would like that!
And i love the hearts up side down... they are just beautiful!

Big hugs from Indiana
Kimberly said…
Beautiful! I'm not good with remembering flower names either. :) I'm looking forward to having more blooms here soon.
The flowers are lovely. I have a hard time remembering the names of flowers too.
Bev said…
Beautiful... I can never remember names of flowers either!
Sandra said…
I love those dicentra blooms, they have such a distinctive shape and gorgeous colour. The vinca are also lovely and that is blooming here now too in rather shady spots. I've never seen that white flower before. Very pretty shots, Ellie.
Paul said…
They are certainly beautiful blooms, Ellie! Vibrant colours!
Lea White said…
Such beautiful photos! I really like the pink and purple ones!
Very pretty stuff! I always like that deep purple in the vinca..just beautiful.
I know them as bleeding hearts and periwinkle, what ever they are pretty shots.
Anna said…
Hi Ellie,
It looks like your mom keeps a lovely flower garden! Beautiful captures. I'm not familiar with Pieris. I really like the form of this plant.
Glad you're enjoying spring. Ms Spring handed us snow yesterday:( Luckily most of it has melted. I don't know how some of our plants are going to handle it though.
Hope your week is great!
Carletta said…
I didn't know the first one but I like the little bell shapes.
I know the last two as bleeding hearts and vinca.
All beautifully captured!

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