A Sunny Day In The Woods

What a difference a day makes and what a change in the weather.  
Beautiful today. Sun shining, blue sky and best of all very warm.  Yesterday it was raining, hailing and cold. 
So I decided to take myself off to the woods to photograph some bluebells. 
There weren't as many as I had hoped but it was still lovely. 

 It was so peaceful in the woods, between the beautiful birdsong, the warm sunshine and the fact that there was hardly another soul there. 

Peace, perfect peace :) 

It was such a pleasure to be there taking lots of pictures - can you tell I really enjoyed myself.
Yes, I'm afraid I did take rather a lot - that's something for you to look forward to :))


TexWisGirl said…
so it appears bluebells can be white also? very pretty blooms!
Debbie said…
alone, in the woods, with bluebells...life does not get any better!!

beautiful captures!!
Jill said…
Oh Ellie, these are just lovely!
Paul said…
Lovely shots of the bluebells especially the last one! Exercise and photography is a great combination!
Sandra said…
How lovely to see the bluebells in the woods... it's my favourite time to visit Britain! Bluebells and primroses and daffodils remind me of my childhood in England... ah! Sweet memories!
I love the close up shot of that astonishing bluebell colour on your last image!
Have a sunny weekend!
I love taking walks in the woods, and seeing wild flowers, you are so lucky!
Karen said…
Oh lovely! I am hoping to get out to take forest shots on Sunday.
Jeanne said…
Sounds as if you had a wonderful day in the woods. I especially love this last photo of the bluebells. So beautiful!
Lea White said…
What lovely photos! It sounds like you had a very relaxing time!
busybusybeejay said…
I love bluebells in the wild.We have them all over our garden but it's not the same.I love all spring flowers.I think we have got your yesterday weather today!
Giga said…
Cudowny spacer, a kwiatków w lesie wcale nie było mało i to ślicznych.Pozdrawiam.
A wonderful walk, and flowers in the forest was not enough and is pretty. Yours
Sush said…
Ellie...thanks for the beautiful pictures today. I always leave your blog a happier woman than before I opened your posts!
Have a lovely weekend and wow to have that all to yourself!
lisa said…
Such beautiful light in each of these Ellie!
Very pretty - I love bluebells!
Tezzie said…
Your day sounds heavenly! All those blooms in the forest are stunning! What beautiful images you captured :)

Thanks so much for your kindness at my place...even though my kids didn't really understand what was happening, I think they sensed that all was not how it was supposed to be on someone's birthday, so they did their best to *continually* wish me happy birthday, sing all the renditions of birthday songs they know in 2 different languages...and my Munchkin worked really hard to surprise me with a birthday card <3. I have a feeling that when they get a bit older, they won't let dad forget... ;)
Rose said…
Oh, Ellie...I hope people enlarged these. They are wonderful when opened up big. The 5th and 6th are extra special I think.

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