Karen's Latest Creation

I knew that Karen was making a cake for Easter and that she had been busy in the kitchen for quite a few hours last night. But when she said "I'm finished"  I was gobsmacked when I saw what she had done. Please excuse the cluttered background!!!!

It has got to be her best cake to date  - I think I say that every time she makes a cake - but this time she has outdone herself.  The yellow and white look so good together.

She has made cakes for a few people now - mostly her co-workers and mainly birthday cakes. But one of them asked her if she would do a wedding cake.  

This will be a first for her.
She has a little experience of piping but wanted to prove to herself that she could do something for them. It also gives them a sample of what she can do.

You know how I like to take pictures of flowers - well here is something just a wee bit different. I thought I would take some macro shots of  the daisies on her cake -just because the are so cute :))

I though I'd share it today with 

There will be lots of macro shots for you to see there.


CameraCruise said…
Wow, it's beautiful!!!
What a great work she's done.
Have a wonderful evening.
Kim, USA said…
Wow that is beautiful and yellow is my favorite too!

Macro Monday
Eileen said…
She is so talented. That cake is amazing!
Anne said…
It is amazing! She is very talented! I love how she arranged the daisies:)
Libby Rodriguez said…
Amazing! I am so impressed! No wonder they want her to do a wedding cake - this could practically BE a wedding cake!
Annabella said…
Perfect for Easter - it`s gorgeous Ellie!
TexWisGirl said…
that really is beautiful. :)
Lisa said…
That is amazing - she is very talented!!
That came out great! I grew up with my mom in the bakery & she does cakes like that. I know how labor intensive they can be. So impressed!
Jill said…
WOW! Absolutely gorgeous! I just love the daisies. She is one talented young lady.
Paul said…
Your Karen is extremely clever! A splendid looking cake and photos!
Birgitta said…
Marvelous cake!!! Great photos!
Lea White said…
Wow, that is an amazing looking cake! Stunning!
Giga said…
Tort wygląda wspaniale i pewno tak też smakował. Pozdrawiam.
Cake looks great and certainly so it tasted. Yours.
Molly said…
What a beautiful creation...and great images

Rose said…
Oh, my goodness! That girl is talented! That is so beautiful....I don't know what I expected but not this.
Chatty Crone said…
I'm kind of new - so tell me -was this your daughter who did that?

I have to tell you that is one breathe taking cake I have ever seen.

Love, sandie
Debbie said…
it's simply gorgeous ellie, i REALLY love it!! i keep wondering how she learned to decorate cakes like this??
This cake is beautiful. You have such a talented daughter!
Fantastic looking cake - always seems a shame to take a knife to this sort of creation. Hope it tastes great when you do :)
Stewart M said…
What a great cake! Would seem a shame to eat it! Well maybe I could force myself to have slice or two!

Cheers - Stewart M - Australia
Dianna said…
Wow, what a gorgeous cake! I think your daughter is well on her way to a wonderful career!

As to the commenting using blogger on my blog - not sure what the problem is. Perhaps Wordpress is changing something again.... sorry for the trouble, but thanks for taking the extra effort to comment!
That cake is INCREDIBLE! I bet it tasted good too! Thanks for stopping by this morning - so nice to 'meet' you! I have followed you back :-)
Sandra said…
It looks as if your daughter has found her vocation as a professional cake maker. Beautiful yellow and white Flower decorations. She Should Start a decorated cake site!
ZielonaMila said…
Uwielbiam torty, a ten wygląda fantastycznie. Pozdrawiam
Karen said…
She's got talent!
Janie said…
She is very creative, how long does a cake like that take to make?
Just beautiful. She should start a cake making business!

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