Inside A Raindrop

Emma and I went round to visit my mum and dad today. They are not long back from spending  a month in Spain. 
By all accounts they had a really good time. The weather was fab for the whole month - can you imagine lovely weather for a whole month - amazing. They did a lot of walking and sitting in the sun. Sounds like bliss to me. 
Not only that but they have come home looking relaxed and healthy. 
What more could a daughter ask for!!!

Anyway, they have a lovely garden so I though I'd take my trusted point and shoot round and snap some pictures. 
I got quite a few lovely flowers but though I'd share these raindrop pictures first.

See if you look close enough there are leaves inside that raindrop. I couldn't believe it when I saw it.  
I think it is quite amazing!!!

Thanks mum and dad for letting me loose in your garden!! :)

I'm a wee bit late - but better late than never!!!  
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Betty Roan said…
That is one amazing raindrop reflection. It looks like a whole plantg has been captured inside.
Jill said…
fantastic, Ellie!
Debbie said…
what a capture!!
TexWisGirl said…
such a pretty shot. glad your parents were able to enjoy a whole month of bliss!
I love the pictures where the surroundings are mirrored in the water and raindrop.

Well done
Karen said…
Wow, that's a fantastic reflection in that drop!
Giga said…
Bardzo lubię zdjęcia z odbiciami w kropli wody. Wygląda to niesamowicie. Pozdrawiam.
I like pictures of reflections in a drop of water. It looks amazing. Yours.
really incredible picture!!
mary xox
Pat MacKenzie said…
What beautiful pictures. I'll never understand how you can take such lovely shots, especially using a point and shoot.
Sandra said…
Hi Ellie, stunning raindrop pictures, the close up of the raindrop with the leaves inside is breathtaking, it looks like a little self-contained, transparent insect. Amazing!
Have a wonderful weekend!
lisa said…
These are fantastic, Ellie!
Love the detail you have captured in the first one.
Sending you wishes for a wonderful weekend!
That second shot is amazing, first I though there was some kind of bug inside the drop. It looks like a fly even it is green:)
Lea White said…
What a cool shot of the raindrop. Amazing!
CameraCruise said…
Wow, what an amazing shot.
Thanks for sharing.
Wish you a wonderful weekend.
deb duty said…
That's amazing! Great capture!
Beautiful. I love the rain drops.
Dianna said…
Wow - that photo of that little raindrop is amazing! Great capture.
Enjoy your day!
Jeanne said…
That leaf refletion is totally incredible!!!
Rose said…
Wow, I will be looking closer at raindrops now.

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