My Little Apple Tree

For the longest time I have wanted to have an apple tree in our garden. 
But, we don't have a big garden and not many places to put a big tree. 

We visited our local garden centre today and they had miniature apple, peach and pear trees. 
So I did the next best thing (I hope) and bought a miniature apple tree.  If I am successful with this one I may go back and buy another one. 
There is no stopping me once I get started you know :))

This is it - what do you think?

The blossoms are very pretty too. 
I couldn't resist taking some pictures of  them. 

 It has been a pretty iffy day weather wise and it has been raining (typical Easter weekend weather here I'm afraid).

This is the label that came with the tree - so this is what I can look forward to - lots of lovely red apples!!! 

The label tells me that it grows apples in it's first year - I can't wait!!!

The only trouble is with the lack of space we have I am going to have to grow it in a pot.  
I need to find a pot that is at least 24inches big.  Now that is quite a big pot and I couldn't find one. 
So my job tomorrow is to find a pot.  
I will let you know how I get on :)


busybusybeejay said…
That looks good.I may look out for one of those myself.It's the 24 inch pot which may pose a problem.
Eileen said…
Hi Ellie, this online store does big pots (very expensive though!) but I don't know if they do the size you want ...
Jill said…
I have my fingers crossed that you find the perfect pot for your perfect little tree!
Janie said…
Oh the love of apple trees, and those pretty pink blossoms! You have a lot of the same ideas I do about trees. I want to have a lemon tree in a pot. Your blog has encouraged me to try. Yes, please do let us know how this apple tree's life begins after it gets a pot to grow in...
TexWisGirl said…
i hope it does well for you! i like your fence, too!
I hope you get lots of apple of your new apple tree. Good luck in finding your pot for it.
Heidi said…
Hello Ellie,
I just came across your blog and now I am your newest follower. I wish you much success with your miniature apple tree. Looking forward to your future postings. Hope you had a happy Easter. Greetings, Heidi
Paul said…
Hope the apple tree works out. Love the photos of the blossoms!
Lea White said…
That is such a cool tree :-). We also don't have garden space as such so hubby built some square wooden containers that we plant things in. Maybe that is an option if you can't find a round pot?
Sherri B. said…
Your little apple tree is beautiful! I love the close up shots of the blooms with the raindrops on them. So pretty!
Rose said…
Good luck with it!

I worked at an apple orchard for 19 years!

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