Our Trip To The Garden Centre

On Saturday Karen and I went to our local garden centre (Karen's favourite place). 
I did say to her  that I definately was NOT going to buy anything this time. 
 Ha, how long do you think that lasted?  
 She is definately a bad influence on me, lol. 
Yes, I indeed did purchase something - we came home with 3 azalea plants, 1 pink, 1 red and 1 purple. They are lovely though!!!

While we were there I spotted this strange looking thing - I did look to see what it was called  but have since forgotten, doh!!!
They had just been watered - I think it looked amazing. So what else could I do but take out my trusty point and shoot and take some pictures.

I spent yesterday afternoon cleaning our dining room - took the curtains down and washed them, cleaned the windows, the floor and all the skirting boards. It is now shining like a new pin :))
Right which room is next!!!

How was your weekend.

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Nancy said…
I have no idea what that flower is, but you are right -- it's a stunner!

And good for you regarding your house cleaning -- on my list this week as well. :)
Jill said…
Great shots. Your azaleas will be so pretty and worth it.
Sandra said…
Now Ellie, have you ever seen someone go into a garden centre and come out empty-handed?! That plant you show is rather amusing and seems to be having a bad hair day!!!
I just came back from the garden centre woth snapdragons and dahlia! Your azalea plants sound lovely, they come in such gorgeous colours!
TexWisGirl said…
it almost looks like an insect. neat!
Pat said…
Great shots of an interesting flower!
Misty Dawn said…
That is really neat! Definitely unique.
Karen said…
Oh beautiful shots! I would have taken one of those home!
Laura said…
beautiful and unusual flower...love it!
Julie G. said…
What an interesting looking plant. I really like it! Your photographs are wonderful! You captured the details and shapes beautifully. Love the little water droplets. Very cool!
Jeanne said…
This is a fascinating looking ???flower??? that you have photographed.
geetlee said…
Ooh lovely pictures! I have no idea what it is, it looks so interesting though.
I spent a very long day finally getting rid of unpacking materials and other junk. Then of course came the cleaning. So I know what you mean :)
Have a fun week ahead!
Kala said…
You've captured some great details!

Happy MM
Debbie said…
it really looks like a spider/bug in the second shot, but it is very beautiful!!

i have been spring cleaning as well, i would much rather be at a garden center!!

did we ever finish the bathroom??
Kim, USA said…
Very beautiful looks rare and unique! ^_^

Rose said…
I do wonder what it is...we had our granddaughter for the weekend and had a great time.
Paul said…
A great shot of a most unusual looking flower!
Anna said…
Hi Ellie,
Whatever this plant is called, I think that it gets a prize for exotic, interesting, and camera-worthy form. I like the your last capture the best. Very nice!
I think your next rm should be one in my house. Sound good?
Take care and have a super week:)
Pat MacKenzie said…
You've just reminded me that spring cleaning needs to be done. Yuck.

The flower is lovely, although the individual petals look like hairy spider legs.
The flower is very different. I don't think I have ever seen anything like it before.
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
What a GORGEOUS azaleas and I wondered what kind when I visited here♡♡♡
Oh, hard worker you are♪ House chores always tough, aren't they☆☆☆

Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

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