Rained Off

 My mum had told me that in our local woods there were lots and lots of  lovely bluebells out in full bloom.  So, I was going to take a visit after I finished work today to get some pictures for today's post. But the weather was against me, between the rain, hailstones and wind I decided I might just go tomorrow instead. 

So, what should I post for today.  
Well, today I've been having a look at what recent pictures I have and I found these. 
I have no idea what they are but they are quite unusual.

Thanks to Rosie @ Leavesnbloom
   for giving me the name of this plant.  
This one made me think that they were playing peek-a-boo around the wooden post :))

Hopefully the weather will be kinder to me tomorrow and I'll get to go out.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

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Too right it's cold - it's only 50f and you've probably been getting those shocking hail storms - yesterday it was so bad that my electric went off.

Well as usual I'm gonna tell you the name - Euphorbia flowers though I can't tell which variety as I can't see the leaves. Those are probably the best shots of euphorbia flowers that I've seen Ellie.
TexWisGirl said…
wonderful colors!
CameraCruise said…
Beautiful shots of a very interesting plant.
Jill said…
I love these! The peek a boo shot is so adorable!
Sheila said…
These are new plants to me but they are indeed pretty and most unusal in color,love how they are peaking out.
They are quite pretty. You don't often find green flowers.
So pretty- I need to capture flowers more often.
Rose said…
Oh I have never seen this (these?) before...very unusual and beautiful.
Debbie said…
they are quite unusual!! some people are so smart, if you don't know, someone on here always does.

what did you end up doing with that driftwood?? inquiring minds....and all that good stuff!!
Wow - hailstones? I guess you could say that is bad weather:-). The green color of those flowers is so pretty. They are almost glowing!
So pretty. I love the color.
geetlee said…
I hope it clears up for you. Would love to see the bluebells through your blog.
It's been rainy and cold here too. Meh!
Sandra said…
Hi Ellie,
It sounds as you are getting the same weather as us right now... talk about April showers, the temperatures feel much colder than April ever did!
I like your little Euphorbia shots, especially the peek-a-boo one!! Nature is really having a hard time developing properly and the leaves on many of the trees are just remaining closed and waiting for the sun to come out. Like us!
Thank you for leaving a comment on Reflections and Nature, though there wasn't much nature in the last entry with the exercise on diagonals!
Have a great and hopefully dryer and warmer weekend! Sandra
Lovely photos, I will be looking out for the bluebells though, something I miss from the UK.
ZielonaMila said…
Fantastic flowers and beautiful colours. I am greeting
Karen said…
Love these!
deb duty said…
Such a beautiful plant and lovely photos!
Rita said…
Wonderful photos. Your blog is full of eye candy.

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