Prom Dresses and Flowers

Yippeee it's Thursday and I'm off work for 4 whole days for Easter.  I love getting time off work :)))

On Saturday Emma and I went shopping for her prom dress.  She found 2 dresses which she really loved. 
Do you know we spent a whole hour in the changing room trying to decide which dress to buy - a whole hour!!! But at the end of all that she made her decision. I have to say picked a beautiful dress and she looked stunning in it. It is deep purple colour and full length. 
It was a real lump in the throat moment for me, my baby is growing up to fast!! Where did all those years go? 
She loves to try it on so maybe I'll convince her to let me take her photograph with it on.

I've been getting plenty of walking in these days. I go out with my friend in the morning early and we have a good blether (chat) along the way, and then in the evening I go out with Karen. 
I tell you I am going to be so fit by the end of it - well that's the plan anyway. 
 I am quite enjoying it as well - that's got to be a good thing.

I was messing around with my flowers, which are getting past their best now, and trying to find different ways to take photographs of them

This is what I came up with.

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ZielonaMila said…
Beautiful flowers, are giving hope in spring. I am greeting
TexWisGirl said…
i like the daisies against the black.
Gorgeous photos of beautiful flowers ~ very well done ~ Prom dresses ~ Wow! Hard to be a Mom sometimes ~ Hope we will see her photo in the Prom Dress ~ Hang in there, Mom ~thanks, namaste, ^_^ linked w/This and That Thurs
Eileen said…
Lovely photos, Ellie. We definitely need to see the prom dress!
Debbie said…
gorgeous, i love dasies!!
Love the wet shot. Only Monday is a holiday here in France, not Friday! Makes no difference to us though now we are retired :) Diane
Giga said…
Namów córkę do pokazania się w sukni balowej :-). Pomysł z kwiatkami dobry. Pozdrawiam.
Persuade her daughter to show in the ballroom dress :-). Good idea with flowers. Yours.
Shel said…
Lovely photos!!
Pretty flowers and hope you have a lovely time off work!! I can relate to the prom dressing expedition!!
Mary x
Sheila said…
Lucky you to have the opportunity to shop for prom dresses , with three sons that did not happen for me, love to see the dress. Great photos of your flowers and I ,Ike the driftwood in the previous post too. Happy Easter . Hugs Sheila
Sherri B. said…
Lovely photos - daisies are my favorite flower! The one with the dew drops is especially lovely. Thank you for sharing - I hope your daughter has a wonderful time at prom! :)
Karen said…
I love daisies! The trio against the black is great.
Kala said…
Gorgeous images of the daisies!
Paul said…
Beautiful photos, Ellie! So pleased you're enjoying the walking and feeling a lot better for it!
Lea White said…
Brings back memories when we had to sort my prom dress - my mum made it and we walked for hours and hours into one and then another and then another fabric shop until I found the perfect piece of fabric :-)
Sandra said…
Hi Ellie,
Nice daisy pictures on a black background!
It was fun to hear about your shopping spree with your daughter to find a prom dress!
I'm writing from a friend's computer as mine is out of action and won't be mended until after Easter!
Have a beautiful family Easter!
Warm wishes,
Dianna said…
Hope your daughter will allow you to share a picture of her in her dress - it sounds beautiful.
Love the picture of the daisy with the water droplets.
I also walk every morning - it's very blustery here this morning, but I managed to get in a 30 minute walk. It's great exercise! Good for you - going twice daily!
Your flowers are so pretty.
It really is amazing how fast our children grow up. I hope Karen will have fun at her prom.
Jill said…
I sure do hope we get to see your daughter in her dress!

Your daisy shot is beautiful!!

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