Just passing the time.

Another glorious day here - I need to enjoy it while I can.  Back to work on monday :(  I have enjoyed my annual leave, I haven't done a great deal but it's been good.

This morning I did another couple hours work in the garden - weeding and cutting the grass. Very warm work. I'm quite pleased with what I have managed to do though.

 After lunch I decided to do some practice shots on my camera.  Now, be patient with me, I'm only learning.

 I quite like this shot but a bit blown out maybe?
Bit too dark and flat.
 Anyway, just playing. But they do say practice makes perfect. Don't they? Any constructive ciriticism very welcome.


TexWisGirl said…
i'm terrible with photography knowledge. i'm a point, shoot and get lucky person. :) i like that top shot a lot though!
Debbie said…
i LOVE the first picture, but i am far from an expert....i just feel pictures, and that one feels right!!

can you PLEASE send me some of that glorious weather....pretty please!!!
deb duty said…
I love to play with my camera too! Love the orange and blue together! I'm enjoying your photos.
Mira said…
Ellie, that's a truly beautiful composition and great colors! The first photo is just wonderful! I believe one can learn everything photography wise - except the sense for composition, proportions and artistic touch. These two photos show that you have that. Now, nail that technical aspect! :D great job!

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