My special treat and some pictures

I'm on annual leave for the next 2 weeks. Yipeee!! And  tomorrow I'm off to Stobo Castle in Peebles for a special pampering treat.  I turn the big 50 next month (aargh)  so I am treating myself. Indulgent or what!  Not having done anything like this before, I am really looking forward to it. Going with my younger sister so should have some quality time with her as well. I can't wait. We are leaving around 10am on Sunday and coming back monday afternoon sometime.

I must take my camera with me and take some shots to show you all.

I thought I would post some shots I took at a place called Blooms Gardens in Norfolk. We were there this time last year for a family reunion with my husbands family. It was a great weekend and the weather was fabulous. I hope you like them!

Beautiful Colours

I love weeping willows

To me this says "Tranquility"

I just love this shot.

Well, I will let you all know how I got on at Stobo. Hopefully I will come home very relaxed.

Have a nice weekend!!



Debbie said…
first & foremost "never, ever, leave home without your camera"....if you do, you will always regret it!!!

your pictures are amazing, very beautiful. the weeping willow is a show stopper and i adore all the color in the last one.

have fun and take tons of pictures. i can't wait to see them!!!
I hope you have a wonderful Birthday! A woman needs to treat herself, especially for her 50th!

What wonderful gardens. I could spend half the day there just taking pictures. I'll bet it was even more beautiful in person!
texwisgirl said…
oh, enjoy your getaway! and especially some time with your sis too. happy early birthday to you!

these photos are gorgeous! what a wonderfu place!
Rose said…
I love these shots, and I love weeping willows, too!

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