Pictures from last summer.

I thought I would put some pictures of our holiday from last year to Arran. We had a great time. 


It was only a short journey by ferry over the water but it was lovely.

I had fun with my camera - not great pictures - but I like them. I hope you enjoy!!!


deb duty said…
Really beautiful scenery! Looks like a great vacation spot.
Sara said…
Great photos! Love the framing on the first one. The second to last one is just beautiful, love the cloud formations.
Debbie said…
these are really beautiful!! i have a soft spot for waterfalls, they are so magical!!

thanks for the visit, i look forward to following along!!!
texwisgirl said…
Oh Ellie! You had me hooked with that very first photo! The sweeping tree branch is just fantastic!

thanks for finding my blog and leaving a comment! i really appreciate it and will follow you too!
Rose said…
Oh, I love the second and third photo...I like the others...and Tex is right...that first one is great, too!

I thought last night that I might as well read all your blog since it is new! I had never thought about going back and reading the first post of the blogs I read, but that is a good idea.

On a photo blog or two, ones that I really, really like...I have went back and looked at all posts! Didn't leave comments on all of course...and it is the odd blog I do that with.

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