Early Sunday morning

Up early this morning - taking Karen to work - at 6.30. It's a lovely morning, sun shining, blue sky.  So I
thought I'd take my wee trusted point and shoot camera to see what  I could see. I love being out early when nobody else is around, especially when it is such a beautiful morning. So peaceful and quiet!

Love the way the sun is shining on these flowers (weeds)

 Trees misshapen by years of wind blowing from the sea. 

Spiders web
 Just playing with my camera and having fun!

 My garden is a real mess, weeds, grass needs cut, you name it.  So I was out for a couple of hours weeding, looking a bit better, but still a lot of work to be done. For another day I think!!


texwisgirl said…
that line of trees is just beautiful... nice shots.
Debbie said…
beautiful group of pictures this morning, the series tells a story.

i love the spiderweb, built in the perfect spot for a lovely picture.
Liesl said…
Hi Ellie,thank you for stopping by my blog! Scotland is one of those places I would love to visit one day!! Especially the highlands,friends are always telling us how stunning it is there! Glad to have a friend in Scotland and lovely pics showing us where you live!
deb duty said…
Lovely photos. I especially love the row of trees. I have lots to do in my garden too even though it's small. There's always something to do and I'd rather be taking pictures than gardening!
TexWisGirl said…
there was no comment availability on your clover post, so thought i'd just put it here. i like clover blossoms because it looks like a hundred little flowers all pushed together. :)

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