A sign of the times!


 This is (or rather was) a local hotel in our town. It has been here longer than I have lived here. My mum, dad and 2 sisters moved here in 1970 (I was only 8) and I remember it even then. 
Over the years, it has hosted several events for us, birthday parties, weddings and  a funeral.
Well it is now being demolished as the owners have moved on.  What is going in its place?  Yup you guessed it - flats (apartments)  - probably quite expensive flats. Just what our wee town doesn't need. I was out today taking these pictures, and feeling quite self conscious about it, and there were  at least 4 other people taking pictures  at the same time. How ironic is that. There must be more than me that thinks
this is a little bit of a sad occasion. Oh well, I suppose nothing stay the same for ever. I'll try and remember to take pictures of the new buildings when they are up.

You may notice from the grey sky that our lovely spell of weather has left us for now. Is is now grey and drizzly. Yukk


TexWisGirl said…
i'd welcome some of your grey skies and drizzly weather, but i'm sure you've had enough of it.

all in the name of progress...
Debbie said…
it's always so difficult to watch, we have lost some gorgeous landmarks here at the jersey shore!!!

plese send tex some rain, she really needs it!!!!
Sheena said…
What a shame to see it go, sis. Didn't realise it was getting demolished.

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