Sunday Evening

I added this photo from Pitlochry today because I haven't managed to take any pictures all weekend - shame on me!!! I love the reflections of all the colours in the water. I really love the colours of autumn.

Had a busy day today, this morning Dan and myself went out shopping and bought our new bathroom suite - as you do! Is being delivered on 10th August. Can't wait for it to go in. Just not relishing the time before that. Groan.

If you read my post about going to Hobbycraft and getting lost, well, this afternoon Dan, Karen and I managed to get there. Dan was driving - say no more. Karen was well pleased to get there and spent a fortune on her cake making equipment.  Next time I will manage to drive by myself. Honest I will. Lol.

Laura, our oldest daughter left on saturday - is going to London for a few days and we are expecting her back next weekend.  My youngest daughter, Emma, came back early from her holiday in Makrihanish. Sometimes this house feels a bit like a hotel with all the coming and going. Apparently her friend and herself have outgrown it so they came home early. Isn't it sad when your youngest outgrows anything. Anyway they had a really good time and came home with lots of tales.And lets face it, that's all that matters.


TexWisGirl said…
congrats on the purchase of the new bathroom stuff! good luck with all that!
Debbie said…
this is a really gorgeous sad to say this but i am soooo ready for fall, it's just been too hot!!

busy, busy, boys are gone and i miss it sometimes.....but not that much ;)
That photos is amaaaaaazing. Well done. Diane
deb duty said…
The reflection on the water is so pretty! Hope your daughter has fun in London!
Sara said…
Wow, what a reflection, it's so beautiful!
Thank you for your visit and lovely comments, I have to agree that I do think my son's very clever! ;-)

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