Sun going down over Arran

I've really enjoyed today, well apart from waving my youngest as she goes away to Machrihanish for a fortnight with her friend and family.  I'll miss my girl!!

Emma and me
This morning I went with my friend for coffee and a blether.  It was really good to catch up and a very pleasant way to spend a morning.  After that I went to visit my mum and dad, I see them quite regularly lol, but it's always nice to visit. So not a lot done but very enjoyable. The joys of being on holiday.

Over the last few days I have been looking a lots of blogs and I have to say there are some excellent photographers out there. The pictures are wonderful. Such talent!  So I've decided I want to get better at photography.  Watch this space. Lol.

I took these sunsets last September and  I rather like them. The island the sun is setting behind is Arran. Hope you like them.

 You can't quite beat a beautiful sunset can you?


texwisgirl said…
no, you can't. best painting in the world... :)

your daughter is beautiful. i hope she has a good trip.
beth said…
thanks for stopping by.....and that sunset is just perfect !
Jane said…
Lovely sunset photos - I imagine Arran is very beautiful.
Bonnie said…
I think your photos are great! Thanks for stopping over at my place and welcome. I'll be coming back! Hugs! Bonnie
Beautiful photos! With all the cloud cover in England, it makes sunsets even more special when it is clear enough to see them :)
Jillsy Girl said…
thank you for stopping by an saying hi! your sunsets are stunning and ironically we're having a sunrise/sunset party going on right now. If you have a flickr account, why not join in! Just come back over to my blog and go to "Party Random" will take you there!

P.S. I had to look up where Arran is...just beautiful!
Debbie said…
your photos are beautiful, your daughter gorgeous!!'s a wonderful place!!!
texwisgirl said…
no rain at all. still passing 100 degree F temps each day too. i had pre-scheduled that post for this morning, but i was up with dogs already. :)
Sara said…
So beautiful and lovely, especially the last one with the small boats dotted around, really gives a scale to the photo.
Isn't it fun to study photography, so rewarding, and there's so much inspiration and information out there.
Rose said…
I love your sunset photos...I take a lot of them, too. But they are on my Time Stand Still blog at;

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