My adventures at Stobo

Here are my pictures of my stay at Stobo Castle in Peebles.

Well, we had a great time.  My sister, Sheena, picked me up at 11.00 on Sunday morning. She offered to drive - which suited me. Lol.  We had an uneventful journey which took around 2 hours. The weather forecast was for thunder, lightning and heavy rain (yuk). We did drive through some heavy rain but not for long so that was good. In fact the weather was great the whole time we were away which is always a bonus.  Anyway we got there an hour before we could book in so we decided to go for a walk around the gardens.

 This is the side view of the castle.
 Behind the glass window is the swimming pool. We loved it in there. You could lie on the loungers and look out over the fields and hills. I nearly fell asleep a couple of times - so relaxing!!
 This is the other side of castle. Something I found out was that Madonna got married here.
 We  arrived at the desk at checkin to discover we had been upgraded. The room was lovely, very luxurious.
 The picture below is of me standing at the entrance.
We spent our time at the pool, jacuzzi and steam room.  I also had 2 treatments, a back massage and a sugar exfoliating massage and facial.  All very good.
The only trouble is - I've now got a taste for it and I would like to go back. Need to start saving for next year. Got home on monday at around 4pm. Both Sheena and myself were very tired. All that relaxing must have taken it out of us. Lol

Me at the entrance.

I'm afraid once again my pictures have let me down. Note to self -  I must get more practice at the photography. I am enjoying it though. Thanks for reading.


texwisgirl said…
loved that all that relaxing made you tired. ha!! sounds like a great getaway. did you take all of these photos? only one of the castle shots was shot towards the sunlight so is a bit dark, but the others are wonderful! what are you concerned about? those top ones of the swans and bridge are phenomenally beautiful! keep it up!
Kerri said…
I think your images are lovely! The one of the bridge is breathtaking ... and the swans .... just gorgeous!!
Debbie said…
ellie....your pictures are gorgeous, really gorgeous. the top 3 pictures look like postcards!!!

having fun with the camera is the most important part.
texwisgirl said…
oh, thank you, ellie, for removing word verification!!! :)
Jill said…
Hi Ellie!
Thanks for stopping by and joining my blog. :) I'm now your newest follower. Your trip looks like it was delightful and I love your pictures!
deb duty said…
The castle is so pretty! I enjoyed your photos. What a lovely place for a visit.

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