Clover in the garden

It was such a lovely day here yesterday. So I did what lots of other Scots people do on a nice day - sat in the garden and caught a few rays (just a few though). We have had such cold rainy weather this summer, I know there are places in the States where they are suffering from drought and extremely high temps, but it's nice to see the sun sometimes. If only there was a happy medium somewhere!

Anyway, while sitting out in said sun I was once again playing with my camera. Found this little clover flower and decided to take a shot or 2. 

I thinks it is such a pretty wee flower, especially looking down into the centre of it.


Debbie said…
so soft & pretty!!!!
Ali said…
Lovely pictures... I grew up in Scotland (Fife) so I know all about the so called summer!!!
Thanks for stopping in at Inner Ramblings :0)
So lovely - did you find any four leaf clovers?

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