What A Day!!

What a day I have had!!  Karen took the day off work and we were going to go to a shop called Hobbycraft. Name speaks for itself really.  Karen is quite artistic and likes to do all sorts of crafts - just like her mum really, only better at it. Lol.

Anyway, I've never driven there before and it's on the other side of Glasgow. I should have taken the SATNAV but hindsight is a wonderful thing.  The upshot of the whole thing was - I got lost. Well and truly.  We had to phone hubby at work for directions how to come back the way.  We managed but decided to give hobbycraft a miss. Much to Karen's disappointment (and mine).

To save coming home straight away we went to Dobbies - a garden centre.  And we bought some goodies.

Our selection of plants.

 This little one is called a Cosmos chocolate - and really does smell like chocolate.  Karen fell in love with it and had to have it. Lol.


This is not a great picture of a Petunia Phantom

Really not sure what these are,  but we loved the colours.  Oops Karen just told me they are called Celosia. 

This one was mine - Lavendula Dusky Maiden.  I really like the smell of lavender. And this one is lovely.
 I did get another lavender plant - French Lavender Regal Splendour.  It's not flowering yet but I'm sure it will be lovely too..

So all in all our day wasn't wasted and we had fun!!  Now we just have to plant them all.


TexWisGirl said…
not wasted at all! you made the best of it, i think!
Debbie said…
fun on a detour. i love the plants!!!
missing moments said…
Love the plants and it's never wasted time!

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