Friday post

 I thought I would post a few wild flower pictures I have taken recently.

Today, is the last day of my holiday boo hoo. I could get used to this life (I wish) lol.  Eldest daughter Laura asked if I wanted to go to Glasgow with her today. I jumped at the chance, it's not often we get to go out just the two of us.  We got the train in.  She wanted to look for some clothes as she is going to London on monday for a few days. 

Why is it when you are looking for something - you can't see anything you like, and when you aren't looking the shops are full of lovely things. That was Laura's problem today. Poor thing. 

We were wandering around for about 4 hours - no wonder I'm tired tonight.

Danny is going to be installing a new bathroom in a few weeks so tomorrow we are going to have a look at what we can get.

At the moment he is re-plastering the hall in preparation for painting it.  House is in total upheaval. Can't wait till he finished so I can clean up properly.

Wishing everybody a lovely weekend!


TexWisGirl said…
oh, good luck with the re-do. upheaval is right! dust, dirt, can't get to what you need to, can't use what you want. :)
Debbie said…
i hate home repair projects....i am not good at living in disarray and with men making a mess and coming and going.

pretty pictures today!!!
Hi Ellie, thanks for the visit and following my blog. I still have many friend left in (Rhodesia) Zimbabwe, and although life has improved a bit since it changed to the $ it is still not easy for them. I don't think I would now like to go back, I have such good memories that I do not want to spoil them!
I agree re shopping, when you set out with a certain thing that you want to buy you will never find it. When you are not looking the shops have so much in them - Murphy's law yet again. He pops up too often for my liking!!
Take care and have a good weekend. Diane

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