My Sunday

Well today's post was supposed to be an exciting tale  of foraging for brambles and then going home making a nice pot of jam.
Well it all started off well enough - Karen and I went off brambles picking. We had a great morning, the weather was glorious. You know one of those lovely crisp autumn mornings, blue sky and just that wee bit chilly - lovely, my favourite kind of morning :))  The walk was very pleasant with not many people around. I got to take some pictures - of which there are very many (96 in fact) lol. 
I think we were just a bit early in going picking because there were lots of red and not a huge amound of black ones ready.  
However we did our best and got what we could.
We got home and washed and dried them - full of excitement of the promised end product. 

Then I got started on the jam making - have you ever made a boiled sweet in jar? - 'cause I did that!!!
 I'm not sure how I managed it, I think I may have overboiled it.  
Do you think it will catch on!!!
 I could start a new craze?
No I don't think so either. 

So, needless to say both the jam and jar ended up in the bin - oh well I will just have to try again. 
I will not be beaten - haa haa.

You know one day I will surprise you all and do a post about my wonderful jam :))

So I decided just to show you some pictures of our lovely morning.

I just liked this picture of a man walking his dog with Arran in the background.

And I thought these looked like arrows pointing up to the beautiful blue sky!!

Lots of brambles - mostly red ones right enough, but there were some nice black ones.

Karen concentrating on the job in hand :))

 Some lovely red leaves.

And some rain dew soaked ones. :)

 A snail clinging to a leaf.

So there you have it - the tale of woe with my jam making and some of my pictures.

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TexWisGirl said…
i am sorry your jam went to waste instead of taste! :)

love that 2nd photo.
Cheryl said…
What a shame, I haven't made jam so no tips here, but I'm sure that would have made a gorgeous sweet... hmm... a giant blackberry sweetie! xx
Jill said…
So sorry about your jam but I think it's GREAT that you continue to try. It will pay off in the end, I just know it.

LOVE all of your photos today!
Sheila said…
Too bad about the jam I am sure you will get it right next time. Lots of blackberries to choose from , yummy. Great photos , I so enjoy seeing your part of the world.
Debbie said…
oooohhh I hate when that happens!! You did get some beautiful pictures and precious time with Karen!!

The dew soaked leaves are so pretty!!!
Lisa said…
As always' your photos are just beautiful! Are brambles what we call blackberries?
Oh no, join the club, my jam making was a disaster earlier in the year as well, haha.
I'm thinking brambles and blackberries look like the same thing. I love them.

DIMI said…
Very beautiful pictures and photos Ellie!! And I make jams!Wish you a lovely week!!
Dina Lettre said…
Looks (and sounds) like a wonderful weekend!
Oh such lovely photos - what a same about your jam - but I'm looking forward to the next session!
mary x
Lisa Gordon said…
Oh I am sorry about the jam Ellie, but you sure got some lovely photos!
Happy Monday to you!
Beyond Zephyr said…
Beautiful photos, nevertheless..

My first try at home making jam was a disaster, but I am better at it now :-)
EG CameraGirl said…
Oh dear! I'm so sorry the jam didn't turn out well! But at least you took these lovely photos. :)
Nancy Claeys said…
Darnit! Hate when that happens. But the morning certainly wasn't wasted. :)
Emily Sovich said…
Wow! What an incredible morning, even despite the jam. :-)
ZielonaMila said…
Wonderful photographs, fantastic views. I am greeting
Paul said…
Have done some bramble picking myself. There will be some picking to be done in a few months for us. Shame about the jam but you got some great photos. Love the snail!
Rose said…
I have never made jam or not helpful comments on that. But your pictures are great...sure did enjoy all of them!
Lea said…
I don't make jams but I love them! On pancakes and bread :) I was trying to picture your description of the autumn morning and I realized I want that kind of morning, too. Except that it has been a little rainy this week on my side of the world.
Kayla said…
You really take beautiful pictures, Ellie! And I have never, ever made jam in my life! You should probably do a tutorial for can include a what not to do section! ;)

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