Fruits of my Garden

Since it was very windy the other day and it blew one of the few apples off my apple tree I though I would do a post on the fruits of my garden! 

Such as they are!!!

I've actually now got two apples since I took these pictures, as another one was blown off the tree.
 At this rate I'll have none left :(  
Nasty Wind!!!

I  also got two red tomatoes from my tomato plants.  Now don't laugh - two is better than none :))
I bought eight plants a few months ago, six of them died, one produced these two tomatoes and the other produced - nothing!!!

And the other item is blueberries - Karen bought another blueberry bush which is extremely well laden with fruit. 
So hopefully we will get lots of lovely blueberries :))

I tried to take a picture to make it look like a better crop - but there is just no hiding it - there is just not much there. 
Oh well there is alway next year :))

Maybe I'll be a better gardiner next year too - don't hold your breath folks!!!!

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Claudia Moser said…
You've got more that I do :) well done!
Jill said…
What is there looks lovely and very tasty!
TexWisGirl said…
your fruits are better than mine! mine = zero! :)
Anonymous said…
Hi Ellie from Scotland. The fruits of your labor are many as they drop from the vine. Tomatoes, apples and blueberries sprinkled here and there; a time of harvest of blessings on this Rosh Hashannah. Blessings Terri
Nancy Claeys said…
Some is better than none! Looks good. :)
Anonymous said…
What there is looks very good!
Paul said…
I grew siverbeet once and the next door sheep came over and demolished it. Not very successful myself in growing produce.
ZielonaMila said…
Fantastic, tasty composition. I am greeting
Lea said…
Isn't it wonderful to "harvest" fruits from your own garden. I don't know why but I'm just not good with plants. I don't have a green thumb..
Riet said…
Surely next year you will be surprised with lots of fruit, I hope :)))
DIMI said…
There look lovely and tasty Ellie!I love blueberries!Wish you a great week!
Pat MacKenzie said…
Well tomatoes are tricky to grow at the best of times aren't they. You were lucky to get the two beauties you did. My son doesn't let his ripen - instead he picks them green and makes the most delicious green tomato chow (pickle). You might consider that next year. Yea for the blueberries - my favorite.
Anonymous said…
Blueberries - yummy!
Bev said…
Oh they look so yummy!
Fiona said…
I had no apples from my tree this year
and no tomatoes
so you did great!!!!

x Fiona
Rose said…
At least you get to taste it...the apple looks yummy!
Jenny said…
We only had a few tomatoes this year too. The year before though, we had none so I was glad for the few we did have.
Rohrerbot said…
Those blueberries look delish....and apples. I could go for one right now. Tell you keep your couple apples and I'll pick my couple oranges and well make a fruit salad:)
ZielonaMila said…
Gifts of the nature always enrapture. I am greeting
EG CameraGirl said…
Mmmmm! Nothing tastier than fruit straight from the garden!
Debbie said…
oh ellie, it was a difficult gardening year everywhere.

your tomatoes are perfect looking, wait till you see mine. ugly, ugly!!
I say some is better than none. The fruit looks yummy.

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