Fluffy Heads

Have I said before that we have two beaches here?  One is called South Beach and the other is the North Shore. Of the two my favourite is the South Beach.

Karen and I took a walk along it the other day - mainly because she was really tired and bored.  The reason for the tiredness was that she had slept in for work the day before and was about 20 minutes late.  She was horrified that she had done this and as a result couldn't sleep the next night for fear of sleeping in again. 
 As a result she was extremely tired. So I thought a walk along the beach might do her (and me) some good.

As usual we had a good blether (chat) on our walk and enjoyed the fresh air. 
We also spotted these wild flowers.  
Now you must know by now that I have no idea the names of flowers  - so I just have to post the pictures and hope someone will come along and will know what it is called :))

Anyway have a look and see what you think.
There were lots of these fluffy heads around. The were so pretty!!!

I was wondering what the flower from it would look like - when I found one.  Isn't it really lovely?
I was wondering if it might be from the daisy family!!

On a separate note - Laura gets the keys to her new flat tomorrow. So that means we will be travelling the three hour journey on Saturday to help her move out. 
She has so much 'stuff' - I didn't think it was possible for one person to have so many possessions, lol.
 It will be strange not to have her at home and I will certainly miss her.  But how exciting is it - to start out on a new stage of your life. 
I well remember moving into our first flat and how excited we were.
Memories to hold onto that's for sure :))

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TexWisGirl said…
i like the poofs too! :)

good luck to laura in her new spot!!
Sandra said…
What pretty little yellow flowers with the cut out leaves. I love the little fluffy heads too!
Your daughter Laura is starting out on a new exciting journey!
Jill said…
I love those fluffy heads!

Good luck to your lovely Laura...and to you too!
DIMI said…
Lovely shots Ellie!!Good luch to Laura!Have a great Friday!
I love walking on the beach. Best wishes for Laura!
tinajo said…
Good luck to her and lovely pics!
Rohrerbot said…
She's gotta be excited. Good for her:) Love the pics from your walk. Yes oh yes....that almost happened to me once.....you don't hear the alarm and almost miss work at the job:) I can understand her fear there. She must have really needed a deep sleep....and it's rare when we get that opportunity.
deb duty said…
Sounds like a lovely walk on the beach! I wish I lived near the coast!
Anonymous said…
So nice to meet you through Rural Thursday. All the best to Laura! I love the little daisy like flower and the puffy little seed heads! I have joined your blog and look forward to visiting often.
Renae said…
Many flowers - many pretties. My grandmother loved flowers and taught me types and names and such. Things like that you just never forget.
Buttons said…
I have no idea what that fluffy flower is but we have them here too. You are going to do just fine the first time we dropped our daughter off at university I thought I was so brave and I cried on the way home. It is much easier with the second one:) Good luck:) B
Lisa Gordon said…
I felt the very same way, when my son moved back to school on Sunday. One suitcase was just full of jeans. and I though I was bad!!!

I love your fluffy head flowers!

You have a wonderful weekend.
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Wow, Gorgeous pictures of Fluffy Heads and Yellow flowers♡♡♡
Wishing your daughter goodluck for hernew life!
Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
I love the photos of the flowers. How exciting for Laura. Have fun moving her.
Anonymous said…
Lovely images, Ellie. That first fluffy flower looks similar to something ive seen here. Best wishes to Laura.
Betty Manousos said…
i really like the poofs as well.

beautiful shots!

the best of luck to your precious Laura in her new spot. and to you, too!

Debbie said…
i never enjoyed the college shuffle!!

good luck to laura!!
cute little puff-balls!! and lovely yellow flowers...

best of luck to your daughter!!

happy friday!
Kerri said…
Exciting times for your daughter!
Not sure what the flowers are called.
Nancy Claeys said…
The first "place" for a young person offers so many new possibilities. Excited for her -- have a great weekend, Ellie.
Dianna said…
Beautiful flowers - whatever they are!
Thinking of you this weekend as you help your daughter move: I'm sure it will be bittersweet!
Love your photos, wild flowers are always so special.
Good luck to Laura, very exciting for her I am sure. Take care Diane
lovely photos! Best of luck for the move - so exciting!
Mary x
Rose said…
I bet Laura is sooo excited to get her very own place!

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