The View

 I was going to post some pictures of Laura and Kev's new flat but I thought I'd better wait until most of their possessions were put away and and the boxes disposed of - it seems only fair :))
So instead I decided to post some pictures from the view from her balcony - yes she has a lovely balcony. I can picture lovely evenings sitting out sipping a lovely glass of wine and enjoying the scenery (and a wee bit of people watching too). :)

She has wonderful views over Dundee and can see for miles.  
In the foreground is the City Quay - there are shops and offices in that building and it is a short cut into town. 
Looking to the right you can see this boat called The Unicorn - can you see the white unicorn's head at the front of the boat?  
While we were there on Saturday there was a wedding going on in there and on Sunday there were lots of uniformed people going in with instruments, it looked like it might have been a brass band.  I think you can also go in and look around - that might be worth doing!

While there on Sunday, Laura and Kev took us out for dinner. We went to a restuarant called Poppa Joe's and got some great food and that set us up for the drive home. We walked into town and it was an easy stroll about 10 mins from their flat.  

This is the first time I have visited Dundee and it seems like a really bustling city with lots going on.  We are going back in October for a wee visit and I have a list of things I want to do and see  - hee hee I've just thought now I can say I'm going to visit my daughter :)

Emma had her first day at University on Monday and really enjoyed it.  She is certainly going to embrace the University life I think. She has been to numerous parties already!!
  Karen starts next Monday - I'm hoping she enjoys it just as much. 

Hope everybody had a great weekend. :))


Dianna said…
How interesting to see photos of the city!
I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your daughter's new apartment.
What a great balcony view!
Jill said…
A beautiful view, indeed! Sounds like a fun place to visit!
Betty Manousos said…
wow, what a great balcony view!

love that photo!

wishing a great day!
Wow there cannot be too many places around with a beautiful view like that. Keep well Diane
EG CameraGirl said…
How nice to have such a view with plenty to see.
TexWisGirl said…
sounds like new beginnings for the girls and nice visit opportunities for you and dan.
Emily Sovich said…
Beautiful views! It really does look like a great city!
DIMI said…
Beautiful view!!Nice city!I would like to vicit!!
Rohrerbot said…
Nice views...looks like a really interesting place with nice cool temperatures.
Wow, you have been busy. Loved the pictures of the views from the new flat. :)
We were last in Dundee when our daughter was at university in St Andrews, well worth a visit out there when you visit your daughter next.
Anonymous said…
That's a nice view!
Rose said…
They sure have an interesting view from their balcony...
I love the photo of the boat. It looks so big.

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